10 things NOT to pack on a cruise (2023)

10 things NOT to pack on a cruise (1)

These are the things you don't need to take on a cruise

If you are going on a cruise for the first time, you are probably thinking about thiswhat to pack for a cruisebut also what you really need. But I'm an overpacker myself (I'm working on it) and I know that knowing what not to take on a cruise is just as important!

There are a number of frequently asked questionsnew cruisersso I asked a few members of my Facebook community for their best advice based on their recent cruise experience.

The answers ranged from very practical and pragmatic to quite funny! I will cover them later in this post.

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Q&A - What NOT to bring on a cruise

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1. Do I need to bring beach towels on the cruise?

10 things NOT to pack on a cruise (2)

One of the most common questions new tourists ask is whether to bring beach and beach towels with you on a cruise.

Thank goodness the cruise line provides good pool towels and even your ownday at the beachtours.And yes you can take towels from the ship for yourselflandudflugterPlease note that a towel fee may be charged if the towel is not returned to the ship.

2. Can I take an iron on a cruise?

Irons pose a risk of fire and safety at sea is of course a top priority on a cruise ship, therefore you do not have an iron in the cabin and cannot bring one on board.

Irons and clothes steamers are just some of the things that are thereprohibited on the cruise.

So how can youMake sure your clothes don't crease after unpacking?

First, a little packing trick.Try rolling clothes instead of folding them. You can also use good qualitypacking cubesmakes your clothes tidy and less fluffy.

But a bit cheapmust-have-varefor new cruisersFluffy, wavy releaseI'll take some with metravel size spray bottleand that's enough for a week.

10 things NOT to pack on a cruise (3)

3. Do I need to bring braces on the cruise?

Save space in your luggage and ask for extra hangers during the cruise. One ofthings I do on the first day of the cruise, I am asking the steward for about 20 more hangers.

I believe that hanging things as much as possible,the clothes are probably wrinkle free.Your steward will be happy to bring you extra wire hangers.

4. What cosmetics are included in the price of the cruise?

10 things NOT to pack on a cruise (4)

Are you wondering what cosmetics to take with you on a cruise and whether to bring your own shampoo?

While there will be some differences between cruise lines and cabin categories, your cruise ship will provide you with basic toiletries such as soap or shower gel, shampoo, and conditioner. Sometimes 2-in-1 shampoo/conditioner is available for purchase.

Personally, I bring my own hair care products with me because I have long curly hair and my preferences. That said, my husband and kids don't mind the Cruise line of cosmetics.

Read the following:What cosmetics to take on a cruise? The best guide

5. What outfit should I wear on a cruise?

Most hardcore cruisers agree that we don't need that manycruise outfitsas we believe. Most of us probably take twice as much clothes with us as we need.

Be aware of the weather at your travel destinations. If you have oneCaribbean cruise, you will probably spend a lot of time in a swimsuit and headgear. Dresses or capris with light tops will be perfect for the evening, for most evenings.

Do you need formal wear?

While many cruise lines are less formal than in the past, many cruise ships will have themformal eveningor a costume party. It's a good idea to check the dress code on the cruise line.

Read this popular post for a specific guide:What to wear on a cruise; The best guide

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How easy it is to pack for one personCruise

6. Should I bring a pillow with me?

10 things NOT to pack on a cruise (5)

There is no need to bring extra pillows on the cruise. The beds and bedding on the cruise ship are indeed very comfortable, including the pillows.

Please note that if the mattress proves to be too hard, or if the sofa bed or bunk bed in the cabin is not as comfortable as you would like (for those with a third and fourth passenger), you can order an egg-crate style toppersteward's mattress.

7. Are hair dryers provided on the cruise?

You don't need to bring a hairdryer with you as it is usually available on the cruise ship. You can expect the quality to be comparable to an average hotel.

While many people can save packing space by not bringing a blow dryer, if you need a more powerful blow dryer for styling, you can bring your own.

Personally, I take mine with me from home when I want to style my hair.That and a curling iron.Otherwise, curl creams are my best friends!

TheBay Bliss Pro Travel Haardroger (link do Amazon)it's small, light, compact, and quite powerful, and is currently my favorite.

I made this YouTube video to explain what not to pack for a cruise:

8. Can I bring a straightener or curling iron with me?

Dear Ladies, you will be happy to know that you can take a straightener, curling iron or curling iron with you on a cruise. I know that for many of us this is a favorite activityessential cosmetic productseven on a cruise!

Make sure you have itPower strip not protected against surgeswith extra sockets as there are very few in the cruise cabin.

Recommended:Cruise approved surge protector with USB connectors (see details and Amazon reviews here)

9. Should I bring my children snacks?

While you can take prepackaged snacks with you, the reality is that there are plenty of good quality foods on the market that you don't really need.

Melissa, a seniorFamily on timehad a great onecruise hackfor themsailing with childrenShe explained that she had brought some ziplock bags and let the children choose "snacks" from the breakfast or lunch buffet, for later in the day or even for the evening at the cottage.

For example, her son put some Cheerios in her purse, and her daughter packed cheese and crackers. They ate homemade soft cookies whenever they wanted.

Plus free ice cream, lots of fresh fruit and more slices of pizza than you can imagine!She didn't miss any snack she could bring from home!

10. Do I need to bring a yoga mat or my own fitness equipment?

10 things NOT to pack on a cruise (6)

Whoever asks this question admires your dedication! Cruise ships have good gyms (much better than most hotels and land-based resorts) and you can use their equipment. Think yoga mats and free weights, but of course also machines.

Your cruise ship also offers fitness classes you may want to take part in.Some lessons are included in the cruise price, others for a surcharge.

11. Can I safely take expensive jewelry on a cruise?

Wearing jewelry is a personal decision. Some feel that it is not a good idea to take your good things on a cruise because of the risk of losing or stealing them.

If you're concerned about this, leave your valuables at home and bring along your favorite piece of jewelry to complement your outfit. There's nothing wrong with that and many people do and even wear such gearCZ diamond ring.

I have a slightly different opinion on this, but hear me out.

I bring some of my ever prettier jewelry because I can enjoy it in my mind. I don't really get to wear a double strand pearl bracelet on a daily basis, do I?

So if a cocktail ring goes with one of my fancy outfits, I'll take it. However, I'm taking precautions that I'll explain if you decide to bring more expensive jewelry or watches with you.

Precautions to follow when bringing fine jewelry and watches:

  1. Use the safe in the cabin
  2. Don't throw away valuable jewelry
  3. Keep your valuables in your purse (orcruise hand luggage) when boarding
10 things NOT to pack on a cruise (7)

Bonus: fun "what not to take with you" suggestions.

When I asked the question"What did you take with you on your previous cruise that you didn't really need", on thisA life well crossed on Facebook, received almost 100 comments from previous cruisers! Many of the "serious" suggestions above, but there were also some that were just too funny not to mention.

What NOT to take on a cruise: my ex, in-laws, kids, too many shoes and too many outfits!

Other things you can't take on a cruise

In this post, we talked about what not to take on a cruise, but there are a few things that are actually forbiddenyou can't go on a cruise.

Some things that are not allowed on a cruise include:arms;weapons, diving knives, etc. Alcohol is also not allowed on board in most cases (although wine is allowed).Check with the cruise line for current policies.

Read the following:Prohibited items that should not be taken on a cruise

10 things NOT to pack on a cruise (8)

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Summary: 11 things you don't need to take on a cruise

In this post, we've covered 10 things you can't or shouldn't pack on a cruise. We hope these tips give you a good idea of what to expect when preparing for your holiday cruise.

If you were on a cruise, what did you bring with you that you don't need? Let me know in the comments below.

Have fun sailing!!

Ilana hoho

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