14 things you must not forget on a cruise (2023)

14 things you must not forget on a cruise (1)

14 things you must not forget on a cruise (2)

14 things you must not forget on a cruise (3)

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September 27, 2022

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Forgetting an important cruise item can ruin your plans. We've all had that feeling of sinking in the car or at the airport, worrying about how something we forgot might have on our vacation.

While not every thing you forget will ruin your cruise (with one or two notable exceptions), it can cause enough headache to ruin your vacation for a day or two. Whether you forget your ID or neglectbasic activities such as medication, there are many details to keep in mind before leaving home.

Read our guide to the 14 essentials to pack for a hassle-free cruise (arranged from A to Z).

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1. An international adapter to charge your electronics

14 things you must not forget on a cruise (5)

If you're traveling outside of North America and the Caribbean and staying at a hotel, don't forget to bring your power adapter. It's easy to forget that most cruise ships these days have power outlets in both North America and Europe, but hotels don't.These little things easily fit into any backpack, handbag or other carry-on bag you can take on land trips. We recommend buying a universal world adapter that you can always leave in your suitcase. Always have it on hand when you need it.use on a cruise ship to use an extra outlet.

2. Patches to treat blisters and minor abrasions

While a cruise can conjure up images of lazy days at the pool, whether you're navigating the many decks of modern megaships or visiting sites on land trips, you'll likely walk a lot more than you expect. Even the most worn shoes can get roughin places like Alaska and Europe where glacier hiking or hiking is standard. Prepare for the inevitable blister or two by having plasters on hand in any bag you take with you from the ship and a spare on board. They come in handy for minor damage and scrapes(we needed them more than once when we blindly searched our packed hand luggage for something we needed).

3. Portable battery packs for charging on the go

14 things you must not forget on a cruise (6)

As electronics become more and more important in everything we do, keeping it charged is a must. Don't forget to pack your portable battery in your hand luggage. Charge it fully before you leave and keep an eye on its level in case you need to recharge it overnight (full chargeit can take a long time). Most brands are no bigger than a thick wallet and will easily fit into any purse or backpack on trips. Get lost in a big city without an online map (or miss a one-of-a-kind photo).

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4. Chargers and cables for your electronics

Portable batteries and adapters are only useful if you have the right cables and chargers to go with them. Don't expect to find them for sale at the port or on your ship. There are many cruise locations where it's almost impossible to get a new charger.If you're bringing something that needs charging, make sure you have a charger for it.

Saving emergency numbers on your phone is no longer enough. Why? The battery may be dead. Your phone may be stolen or lost. Your password, fingerprint or Face ID can prevent someone from accessing it if you can't.

That's why having a paper copy of all your emergency contacts in your wallet or notebook can make a big difference. Cruises are one of the safest forms of travel, but that doesn't mean accidents, injuries and unexpected speed bumps don't happen. If you're traveling with someone, make surethis person knows where you store these contact numbers, and be sure to include one of the cruise lines when booking a cruise or updating your cruise profile.

This is especially true in the age of Covid-19. You want to keep your family informed if your itinerary changes due to a case of COVID-19 on board the ship or if you get sick yourself (rare event but better be prepared).

6. Hand sanitizer and wipes to detect and kill germs

14 things you must not forget on a cruise (7)

Cruise ships have changed protocols many times due to the diseases that can spread on board. Even with plans to protect against the likes of Covid-19 and Norovirus, everyone knows that even a so-called 24-hour outage can ruin a vacation. A little sanitizerhand and a pack of antiviral wipes can help defend against some (but not all) infectious diseases. And if you want to avoid catching a cold while traveling, you can go to the mountains with an N95 mask.

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7. Document enabling boarding

Unfortunately, we've read horrendous stories of people arriving at cruise ports without a passport, birth certificate or required visa and being turned down. If this is the last thing you do before you leave, always make sure you have all your IDs and documents necessary for each step of your journey.if you don't, your vacation will likely be cancelled.

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8. Masks for unexpected local and target rules

While masks have been dispensed with in most of the US and on cruises, there are still destinations and activities that require them to be worn. They are also practical in busy environments such as airplanes and airports to prevent non-COVID airborne diseases. A handful of N95 masksin your luggage, even if you haven't used them at home for a long time.

9. Prescription and over-the-counter drugs

14 things you must not forget on a cruise (8)

There are medical centers on cruise ships, but both over-the-counter and prescription drugs are extremely expensive. You won't find many options either (antibiotics and over-the-counter painkillers are about that size). Limited number of prescription drugsthat a cruise ship is allowed to carry is distributed only in case of emergency.

If you take any medications on a daily basis, be it prescription, vitamins or otherwise, be sure to bring enough with you for the duration of your cruise. It's also wise to bring a few extra days with you in case a delay in your trip means you don't get home on time.

Although most cruise ships have seasickness prevention pills, these can be purchased at a hardware store or medical center, if you are prone to seasickness, forget to bring your own supplies as well.

10. At least one sweater or hoodie

We've all been on planes that feel cold due to aggressive climate control. The same can sometimes be true of cruise ships. Even on warm-weather voyages, there's a chance you'll encounter unexpected cold air, especially in cruise ship public areas where air-conditioning oftenit's too loud. Plus, you never know when a cold snap hits you in Mexico or the Caribbean. If you forget to bring a jumper, cardigan, sweatshirt, or jumper, it could end up spending extra money on an overpriced piece of clothing you'll never wear again.

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11. Snack bars for shore excursions

14 things you must not forget on a cruise (9)

Bringing a snack with you when you disembark is never a bad idea as you don't always know if you'll be able to get something to eat when you need it. This is especially important if you have children or struggle with low blood sugarWhile food can be found in major cities, some retreats are geared more towards extensive outdoor adventures, such as hiking or whale watching. It's best to pack a handful before you leave home, as they are rarely found for sale on cruise ships (unlikeresorts and hotels, you will rarely come across shops of any kind during the cruise).

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12. Tampons or other menstrual products

When you go on a cruise, don't forget to bring your favorite brand of tampons and sanitary pads. Whether you're expecting your period or not, it's always a good idea to have a supply on hand, especially if your cruise involves many days at sea or not.where sanitary products may not be readily available.

13. Covid-19 vaccination card

As with mask requirements, vaccination requirements are constantly changing. With this in mind, it is a good idea to have your vaccination card with you. The rules may suddenly reappear or change during the cruise and you could get in trouble if you cannot prove that you have beenvaccinated. Take a photo of the card (front and back) as a backup.

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14. Ziploc bags or other waterproof storage bags

14 things you must not forget on a cruise (10)

The various sizes of Ziploc bags can be used for just about anything, from protecting your phone from the sand and water on the beach to storing a wet swimsuit on land. They're also perfect if you want to grab something from the buffet for a late-night snack in your room, or store a sandwich if you're out and about.you don't want to give up your sun lounger by the pool at lunch time.


September 27, 2022

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