17 worst cruise ship cabins to avoid (2023)

17 worst cruise ship cabins to avoid (1)

If you are planning a cruise, you may be wondering what cabins are the best and worst, and which cabins to avoid.

I have been on over 25 cruises and while I will take every room as long as I can sail, there have certainly been a few cruise cabins that I will never try to book again.

In this post, I present the 17 worst cabins on a cruise, including cabin locations to avoid on a cruise ship. I will also share a fewcruise tipsto help you choose the best cabin for your next cruise.

Cabins to avoid while cruising

1. Some types of houses - indoor or balcony?

17 worst cruise ship cabins to avoid (2)

Many people have strong opinions about the best type of cruise cabin. Some would say you should go on a cruisegolden cabinetor not at all! Others say they are only there to sleep and the inside cabin is perfect.

However, this is always a personal choice and there is no right or wrong answer here.

For some people, an indoor cabin will be a mistake. You may feel claustrophobic and miss the natural light coming through the window or balcony door. Others won't mind at all.

Wondering if an indoor cabin is for you? To readten postabout the advantages of indoor cabins and discover:7 reasons to book an indoor cabin

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17 worst cruise ship cabins to avoid (3)

2. Cabins below the Lido deck

When it comes to the worst cruise ship cabins, the cabins are among themlido eller połtarasshould be avoided. This is especially important if you have a balcony cabin.

Why are these cabins so bad? Early in the morning, the crew will clean and tidy the pool deck. They then place sunbeds and loungers around the pool and terrace. The mixing and scraping may take an hour or more.

Add to that turned off soundcruise musicby the pool, it can be distracting if you want to read a book during the day or relax in peace on your private balcony.

The best and most desirable cruise cabins are located on the decks located between the two passenger decks. In other words, make sure you have cabins above and below the cabin.


Normal price:$27Now only $17!

17 worst cruise ship cabins to avoid (4)

3. Cabins in the bow of the ship

17 worst cruise ship cabins to avoid (5)

If you are prone to seasickness, avoid booking cabins located at the very beginning of the cruise. The cabins in the bow of the ship provide the greatest freedom of movement, especially in rough seas.

While I don't usually get motion sickness on a cruise, on a previous voyage from New York I certainly felt the sway in my forward cabin far more often than anywhere else on the cruise ship.

The best locations for cruise cabins in terms of traffic are amidships. If you wantprevent motion sicknessBe sure to reserve cabins in the middle of the cruise ship.

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4. Guarantee cabins

While warranty booths aren't always bad, they do come with some risks. When you decide to Awarranty cabinet, you book an unassigned cabin in a specific category, e.g. interior, sea view or balcony.

These cabins are cheaper because the cruise line chooses the cabin for you. You can get a cabin upgrade, but you have no control over its placement. If you don't like your cottage or its location, there's not much you can do.

So if for some reason you are picky about your cabin, never book a warranty cabin!

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17 worst cruise ship cabins to avoid (6)

5. Hidden cabins

Some of the worst cruise ship cabins are cramped cabins. If there's one cabin I definitely try to avoid, it's this one.

Honestly, they're not that bad... but they can be a little disappointing.

Our family had onelocked balcony cabin on Regal Princess(see photo below) and it was great to have the extra space on the balcony and a place to feel the fresh air and sea breeze. We enjoyed coffee on our balcony and could relax in our own space.

We knew what we booked - oneLockable warranty cabin on the balconyso it's not a complaint. But I was wondering: how crippled can it be? See…

17 worst cruise ship cabins to avoid (7)

I know the person who orderedlocked warranty cabin overlooking the seawho was even less happy than me. Why? Her view covered the entire side of the lifeboat. She told me she would prefer an inside cabin as she could literally see nothing outside the window.

So the lesson is this: know what you're booking. It's probably a very good deal, so it might be worth it, but you need to make an informed decision.


6. Connect the cabins together

17 worst cruise ship cabins to avoid (8)

Unless you need connecting cabins yourselffamily cruiseAvoid these cottages if possible. Intermediate cabins have a connecting door and are not soundproofed! Imagine the sound of a loud TV or music, couples arguing or a baby not sleeping.

From talking to many cruisers who unfortunately had this type of cabin, we know that you should check your cruise ship's deck plan and avoid such cabins at all costs! Yourtravel agencycan you also help with that please ask.

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7. Cabins too close or too far from the elevator

Cabins located too close to the lifts have some disadvantages. On most cruise ships, the area in front of the stairs and lifts can be a meeting point and can be noisy at various times of the day and night.

If you think this will bother you, it's best to avoid cabins near the lifts.

However, nowadays cruise ships can be very large and have long corridors. It can be very useful to have a cabin near the elevator or stairs. If you have walking difficulties, you may even prefer cabins in this part of the cruise ship.

8. Cabins next to the toilet

Some cruise ships have several self-service vesselsWCon the passenger deck. Before you book a cabin, check where it is located on the cruise ship's deck map.

While having a place to wash and iron your clothes while on a cruise can be helpful, you'll probably want to avoid cabins that are too close together!

9. Cottages at the Children's Club

17 worst cruise ship cabins to avoid (9)

Did you know that many cruise ships have a row of cabins near the kids club? While these cottages may be good for families with kids and teens, it's best to avoid them!

In the cabins near the children's camp on the cruise ship, children come and go, parents talk, children cry ... you get it. The kids club is usually located at the stern of the ship, on the top decks.

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10. Cottages near a disco or nightclub

Are you a light sleeper? Another bad location for a cruise cabin is right underneath a disco or nightclub. Although the cabins are relatively soundproof, you'll probably still hear the music rumbling. If you're not going to party all night, you can find a better cabin to book.

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11. Cabins near designated smoking areas

I don't like the smell of smoke, so I try to avoid it if I can. While most cruise ships do not allow smoking on balconies, there are designated smoking areas throughout the ship. You will often be onleft or right sidefrom the main pool and next doorbagswimming pool.

If you are sensitive to the smell of smoke, keep this in mind when choosing a cruise cabin. Avoid balcony cabins near smoking areas.

12. Booths above or below the casino

17 worst cruise ship cabins to avoid (10)

The cabins near the casino can be noisy and sometimes smoky. For maximum comfort, try to avoid cabins located above, below or near the casino.

13. Cabins under the buffet

Cabins below the buffet can be noisy during the day due to foot traffic and can be felt in the morning, especially if you are a light sleeper.

Actually, on a previous cruise, in our cabin below, a funny situation happened to usPrincess Cruises Caribe Cafe. There must have been an unsecured wheeled cart there because one night we heard its sound rolling back and forth overhead!

This was really the only time on all our cruises so it doesn't happen often. However, it is worth remembering that it is always worth booking cabins located on both sides between the two passenger decks.

17 worst cruise ship cabins to avoid (11)

14. Cabins near crew stairways and work areas

These cabins are difficult to spot, but care should be taken not to book cabins located near crew doors, entrances and work areas. The crew often use their own stairs to get to the passenger corridors, and if these doors are opened frequently, it can be a bit noisy.

Another area to avoid is crew work areas or entrances. Sometimes there are small workspaces in the passenger corridors where crew and cleaning staff can wash or store things. The way to find these spaces is to look at the deck plan and see where there are empty, undefined spaces.

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15. Cabins near the ship's anchor

17 worst cruise ship cabins to avoid (12)

Having a cabin near the ship's anchor can be a nuisance on port days. If you are bothered by noise and vibration, this can be a real problem.

my memberLife well surpassed societyshared this tip that she unfortunately experienced on a previous cruise. She explained how she heard the anchor (loudly) early in the morning while docking in ports and also while sailing out.

I was also told that I could hear the slamming of the platform doors and the loud chatter of the crew during maneuvers in and out of the port.

If you feel this is bothering you, please contact uscruise line or travel agencyto try to avoid this booth location.

Normal price:$27Now only $17!

17 worst cruise ship cabins to avoid (13)

16. Internal balcony cabins

17 worst cruise ship cabins to avoid (14)

Royal Caribbean's Oasis class cruise ships have a few unique cabins with balconies that are simply worth avoiding. These cabins with a balcony overlook the cruise ship's quarters. While these cottages are certainly attractive, they are not the best if you like privacy or enjoy ocean views.

In fact, when we were traveling the Oasis of the Seas, we considered booking a cabin with a balcony on the promenade as one of our previouscruising errorthat we would not repeat.

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17. Free cabin upgrades

This may come as a surprise, but many cruise ship passengers dofree cabin upgradeultimately disappointed with the new cabin. If you're not picky about your cabin, this could be a great solution. But if you're a little picky yourself, not too much.

Once you've taken the time to find and book your perfect cabin, be sure to tag it as"no update"with a cruise line or travel agent.

As you can imagine, many people think they want a free upgrade. So if a travel agent or cruise line asks for it"Would you like to upgrade when available?"most say yes. The problem is that yeswarranty cabinetthis means that the cruise line can elevate you to a higher category, but it can be anywhere on the cruise ship.

In addition, a higher cabin category does not necessarily mean that you will be upgraded to a balcony or suite. Upgrading to a higher category is only possible within the same cabin type.

Normally, when a cruise line changes your original cabin with an upgrade, you usually can't go back. Therefore, keep this in mind when choosing a cabin.

Video: The best and worst cabins on a cruise

Want more information on how to avoid the worst cruise cabins and choose the best one? INto moviewe share the tips and secrets you want to know.

Normal price:$27Now only $17!

17 worst cruise ship cabins to avoid (15)

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Final thoughts on the worst cruise cabins to avoid

In this post, we've covered 7 tips to avoid the worst cabins on a cruise ship. I hope this post helps you decide which cabins not to book, from not-so-good locations to damaged cabins and more.

One of the most important things when booking a cruise is choosing the cabin that best suits your needs. If you book early and have many choices, avoid the worst and go for the best!

Have you ever had a cabin that disappointed you? Is there a location or cabin type I should add to this list of worst cruise cabins?

Happy transition!


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