5 Best Funeral Services in Singapore 2021 [Official Ranking] (2023)

Services|March 21, 2023

5 Best Funeral Services in Singapore 2021 [Official Ranking] (1)

5 Best Funeral Services in Singapore 2021 [Official Ranking] (2)

Image: Singapore coffin

fixingBurialfor your loved ones is undoubtedly difficult and demanding. Especially if you are also trying to get out of the grief and pain of losing someone. In this situation, people often choose to look for rescuers who provide funeral services. Not only would these facilities avoid the added stress of funerals, but they would also be a relief for the bereaved as the departed souls would receive the final farewell they deserve.

In a busy city like Singapore, people often have less than a day to notify loved ones of the death and manage all of the activities that take place during the funeral. However, if you choose to: afuneral serviceTo that end, they can save you a lot of extra headaches.

Considering the importance of this fact, our team has rated and ranked a list ofThe 5 Best Funeral Services in Singapore [Review 2023]. So you can quickly check their services and other details to choose the one that suits you best from this list.

1. Funeral services for the Ang brothers

Bild: Ang Brothers Funeral Services

  • best for

    Quality services at a low price


    55 Serangoon North Avenue 4, Nr. 02-07 Gebäude S9, Singapore

  • Telephone

    +65 9871 8388

  • Website-Web

  • Email


  • reflexes

    • Funeral packages at the best price:Ang Brothers is one of the cheapest funeral service providers in Singapore. The Buddhist funeral package is the cheapest on the whole island. It involves the chanting of not one but three monks on the last night.
    • Fast and efficient return:Ang Brothers receives many remittances for their repatriation services, even on public holidays. They are well connected with funeral homes and embassies around the world, so you don't have to worry about delays or hiccups in the bureaucratic process.
    • Low Price, Premium Services:Cheap prices don't mean bad quality. With Ang Brothers, you get premium items and settings at no extra cost. Prices have stayed the same for the past 13 years while their services continue to improve over time.
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    2. Nirvana Memorial Garden

    Bild: Nirvana Memorial Garden


    • Professionally trained embalmers:The embalmers are trained for the duties of cleaning, presenting and preserving the body of the deceased. This is a way of showing respect to the deceased, especially women.
    • "Travelling with Love":This special service is the first of its kind in Asia. A team of embalmers and beauticians give the deceased a "spa treatment" which the bereaved can attend and witness to honor their departed loved one on the final journey into the afterlife.
    • Transparent prices:The prices for funeral packages are discussed and agreed with the customer in advance. A checklist of included services is provided and strictly followed up.
    • Advantages of pre-planning:Nirvana Memorial Garden offers both on-demand and on-demand funeral packages. You can avail your Afterlife Pre-Planning Package through a monthly installment system with no interest rate. This package has no expiration date.
    • Columbaria and tombs in good condition:Nirvana Memorial Garden offers fully equipped and air-conditioned funeral facilities for the comfort of the bereaved. Its elegant columbarium is an excellent choice as the final resting place for your departed loved one.

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    3. Burial Group Singapore

    Bild: Singapore Funeral Group

  • best for

    Complete funeral packages and salon services


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    Bloco 38, Sin Ming Drive #01-523 Singapura 575712

  • Telephone

    +65 6817 4288

  • opening time

    24 hours

  • Website-Web

  • Email


  • reflexes

    • Unique and Personalized Funerals:Memorial packages can be tailored to family preferences. The Singapore Funeral Group has responded to numerous requests for customized caskets, themed funeral homes, and custodial and funeral furnishings that reflect the personality of the deceased.
    • One stop solution for all your bereavement needs:Funeral preparations can be a daunting task. The Singapore Funeral Group offers additional services to ease the burden on the surviving family. If required, options such as full funeral management, funeral clothing, mourning clothing, incense paper and incense sticks can be provided.
    • Transparent prices:Funeral packages prices are published on the company's website. There are no hidden or surprising costs and you are sure to get great value for your money.
    • Committed experts on call around the clock:Death can occur in untimely circumstances, so Singapore Funeral Group's team of dedicated professionals are always there to serve you 24 hours a day, even at unusual times. You can rely on them at any time with questions, additional requests or other forms of customer support.
    • Post-funeral services:Burial Group SingaporeThe services do not end with the burial or the setting up of the urn. Post-funeral services such as 49-Day Prayer, Gong Tek, and Ancestral Tablet are also available for families who wish to continue the grieving process in accordance with their traditions.

    4. Boxes at fair prices

    Image: Fairprice Coffin

  • best for

    A wide range of services with transparent pricing


    Block 37 Sin Ming Drive, Nr. 01-571, Singapura 575711

  • Telephone

    +65 6455 9909

  • Website-Web

  • Email

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  • reflexes

    • Diverse offer for different religions:Coffin Fairprice offers a variety of amenities to meet the burial needs of different faiths. They have a well-trained crew to ensure a worthy tribute to the soul of the deceased and to comply with all rituals and religious norms.
    • Transparent prices:Coffin Fairprice offers clear pricing for all of its funeral services. They have published flat rates for various funeral packages on their website. You can choose any package based on your budget and needs without worrying about hidden costs.
    • No overtime surcharges:Funerals are not like other events where the schedule can be predicted. Good? Casket Fairprice understands this very well and unlike others will not charge you a cent for minor changes to your schedule.
    • CareTrust Accreditation:Casket Fairprice has been recognized by The CareTrust. This is undoubtedly an extra layer of security that guarantees the professional and ethical standard of its services.

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    5. Singapore Casket

    Image: Singapore coffin

  • best for

    Worldwide return services and spacious lounges


    131 Lavender Street, Singapur 338737

  • Telephone

    +65 6293 4388

  • Website-Web

  • reflexes

    • Spacious and modern lounges:Although the lounges offered by Singapore Casket are a bit pricey compared to others, they offer excellent value for money. In addition to your specific decorating needs, they will always surprise you with the perfect personal touch added by their experienced and passionate team.
    • Worldwide transfer of corpses and remains:Unlike other services whose repatriation services are limited to a few countries, Singapore Casket offers worldwide repatriation services at reasonable prices. With years of experience, they know the laws and regulations of each country and will take care of all legal and shipping matters on your behalf.
    • Website for online memorials and tributes:Singapore Casket maintains a separate website to pay tribute to all departed souls who attended funerals. This website will remain as a loving memory for your loved ones. You can also ask the co-op staff to add specific details or photos to the site.
    • Cremation Cremation Gems:What else could ease your grief over the loss of someone other than a beautiful gemstone made from the cremated remains of your loved ones? Well, Singapore Casket is well known for this unique service of turning the ashes of your loved ones into sparkling jewels to keep in your heart forever.

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    5 Best Funeral Services in Singapore 2021 [Official Ranking] (8)

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