6 cruise ship cabins to avoid (2023)

6 cruise ship cabins to avoid (1)

The charm of the seas for children

6 cruise ship cabins to avoid (2)

The charm of the seas for children

"Which cruise cabins should I avoid while on a cruise?" This is a question that novices and even those who have already made several cruises ask themselves when planning their dream vacation. In fact, the cruise ship cabin selection process can be more confusing than you think, making it a challenge for any novice trying to figure out which cabins to avoid while on a cruise.

To help you, we've compiled a list of the worst cabins on most major cruise ships, ranging from cramped interior rooms to the noisiest rooms. Read our advice to find out which cruise ship cabins to avoid and which is the best one on a cruise ship so you can hopefully wake up refreshed on your vacation.

Here are six cruise ship cabins you should avoid on your next trip.

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  • Inside cabins that are cramped and often without windows
  • Cabins with blocked views
  • Avoid noisy cabins near busy areas on the cruise ship
  • Staterooms without privacy are rooms that should be avoided on a cruise ship
  • Cabins that can make sea sickness worse
  • Guarantee booths are often the ones to avoid

1. Inside cubicles that are cramped and often windowless

6 cruise ship cabins to avoid (4)

Inner cabin on the marina

Inside cabins, also known as inside cabins, are usually the cheapest on any ship. But you usually make big sacrifices to score in this trade. For starters, they're generally small - and that's by already compact cruise cabin standards.

To give an example of how small cruise cabin space can be on a cruise, the average bedroom in a British household is around 140 square feet, according to the latest survey of buildings by the local authority.

In comparison, P&O Cruises' interior cabins range in size from the small 134 square meters to the more luxurious 205 square meters.

Please review the dimensions and deck plans carefully before booking an inner cabin. You'll want to check if the internal balcony is included in the total square footage, which means the space itself may be even smaller. Also, just because you've sailed the line before doesn't mean they've kept the size of their inner chambers when launching a new class of ships.

It should be noted that some cruise ship cabins on newer ships appear smaller than on their older siblings. For example, the Haven suites on the Norwegian Breakaway and Getaway ships are smaller than the suites on the Gem-class ships. Even if you've sailed with the line before, don't assume cabin sizes are the same on every ship.

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2. Cabins with obstructed views

6 cruise ship cabins to avoid (5)

Junior Suite (obstructed view) at Carnival Elation

If the view is important to you, make sure you know what you're getting before ordering. An obstructed view cabin may cost less, but the quality of the view varies from room to room. One view may only be partially obscured, meaning sunrises and sunsets over the ocean can still be clearly seen. However, other cabins with an obstructed view may overlook the lifeboat.

If you are planning a wish list that is worth crossing the Atlantic with CunardKoningina Marii 2(with many more days at sea) and looking forward to spending hours reading, relaxing and enjoying a drink on the balcony with endless ocean views, you won't want to avoid a cabin with an unobstructed view.

Meanwhile, the passengers keep goingCaribbean princesspromises that even cabins classified as having a completely obstructed view will still provide space for photo shoots and sea views. Consider when an obstructed view taxi might be right for you. If you're planning to spend some time in a cruise ship cabin or harbor holiday, booking a cabin with a balcony with unobstructed views can be a great way to get some outdoor space for a little less.

it comes in handyread other people's opinionswho stayed in the room that caught your attention to know which cabins on cruise ships to avoid. ThisCruise Critics Tableoffers thousands of reader reviews and opinions from cruisers on every line, making it a great place to start.

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3. Avoid noisy cabins near busy areas on a cruise ship

6 cruise ship cabins to avoid (6)

Family Harbour Suite na Carnival Horizon

There is no checking the deck plana new serious error related to cruisespotentially leaving you in a cruise cabin that should be avoided. Why? If you're a light sleeper, anything near a dance club, sports facility, patio, or 24-hour restaurant can mean thumping bass, bouncing basketballs, and the sweet sound of sun loungers scrubbing late into the night. You'll also want to avoid rooms near the kitchen unless you like a 24/7 soundtrack full of banging, rolling, screaming, and stomping.

The noisy cabins on the Britannia, one of the UK's most popular cruise ships, include the cabins below the Sunset Bar on Deck 15, while the noisy cabins on the Arcadia are those on Deck 10, on the Sun Deck, next to The Crow's Nest.

It is commonly believed that the best passenger car tire is the one sandwiched between other passenger car tires. You may encounter noisy neighbors, but it is unlikely that they will have access to pots, pans or a high-tech sound system. In addition, the cruise line will be better placed to deal with passenger noise complaints than a request to move the cabin to a ship that may be overcrowded.

Keep in mind that rooms or apartments near child-friendly outdoor facilities may not be the quietest places. You are also likely to be around children in other rooms.

You'll also want to specify where the crew service entrances are; Stories of doors slamming day and night are common. Elevators and stairs can also be noisy, high-traffic areas on a cruise ship (located near staterooms on some ships).

And don't forget the cruise ship engine. While the buzzing noises put some to sleep, the loud hum of the machinery may not be soothing to others, making these cabins some of the worst on a cruise ship. Passengers on the lowest deck are likely to hear engine noises and even anchor noises.

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4. Staterooms without privacy are spaces that should be avoided on a cruise ship

6 cruise ship cabins to avoid (7)

Cabin overlooking Central Park and a balcony overlooking the Oasis of the Seas

A view is always better than no view, but remember that the cabins that open onto the promenade terrace offer some privacy, even with the curtains drawn.

IonaThe cabins to avoid are some of the brand new conservatory mini-suites. Some of these cabin types are located on Deck 8, Promenade Deck, which means fellow passengers can look directly into your cabin. Technically, these cabins are not listed as "obstructed view cabins", but there is a balcony separation from the ocean.

That was the cruiser's complaint in the sea view cabin on the lower promenade deckVolendam from Holland in America. Lanai cabins in this line have sliding glass doors with one-sided view that allow for complete concealment, but don't forget to close them if you are planning a moment of privacy: this is not your backyard.

Other cabins on cruise ships to avoid if privacy is a priority include the Royal Princess and Regal Princess SeaWalk mini suites and ocean view cabins.A walk in Central ParkFoundationOasis-class ships owned by Royal Caribbean. If you are on the lowest level of these cabins, you can keep your curtains closed during the cruise to keep out prying eyes. Front cabins with balconies can also cause privacy issues. They are often layered so that those above can see directly onto the balcony.

5. Cabins that can exacerbate seasickness

6 cruise ship cabins to avoid (8)

Forward vs. Backward: Cabin Comparison (Image: Royal Caribbean International)

Nice sea or notmotion sicknesscan ruin a vacation on a ship. If you know you're seasick - or if you're unsure - the best cabin on a cruise ship is the more stable spaces amidships and lower deck where the risk of rocking is less. felt. If you suffer from seasickness, it's worth checking out a room with a balcony on a cruise ship, as being able to see the skyline can reduce motion sickness.

Nice watercan be predicted from the route ithe time of year you are sailing. In general, the seas are rougher during the winter months (especially in the Atlantic). If you don't have a stomach of steel, cruise ship cabins to avoid are those located in those areas of the ship where you can get sick, front or back. A luxury suite in the bow of a ship can have many advantages, but you can't enjoy it with your head in the toilet.

6. Warranty Booths are often the ones to avoid

6 cruise ship cabins to avoid (9)

Queen Victoria's Princess Suite

We don't say thatguarantee cabinsthis should definitely be avoided if you want to get an upgrade. However, if you want to make sure your room isn't a big, noisy, or small house, you'll probably want to avoid this booking system. A guaranteed cabin is not actually a type of cabin, but rather how you book it. You select an upgrade by choosing the smallest cabin category that suits you, and the cruise line will allocate your cabin based on availability closer to your departure date.

The upgrade potential is attractive, and if you're sailing on a budget and don't have a particular problem with any of the cabin dilemmas above, then a warranty cabin might be worth it. However, it can be assumed that you are just above the anchor, next to the crew entrance or under the theater. What's worse? You can't complain if you find something you don't like.

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February 21, 2023

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