7 common things NOT to take on a cruise (and 5 surprising things you can) (2023)

Packing for a cruise There is always some confusion, especially among new passengers.

This is because the rules regarding what you can pack and what you actually need are very different from the rules for traditional vacations. After all, when you go on a cruise and you are in the middle of the ocean, you need to bring everything you need.it's easy to run out and pick up something you forgot.

That's why we've provided a lot of information about what to take on a cruise, including:our suggestions for things you might not have thought of, Icomplete voyage packing checklistwhich you can download and print.

But there's another aspect of packing for a cruise that you may not have thought about: what you're doingI can'tpacking for a cruise.

The truth is that a cruise is different from any other vacation. Between hopping from country to country, sitting on a ship in the middle of the ocean and having 4,000 other passengers around, there are a few prohibited items you should not do to keep everyone safe,convenient and legal.

Typical things that cannot be taken on a cruise ship

7 common things NOT to take on a cruise (and 5 surprising things you can) (1)

Homemade snacks
At first you may ask "what?", home-cooked snacks are not allowed on a cruise ship. Especially whenprepackaged snacks such as chips or candy are fineHowever, remember that cruise ships are unique, they carry a lot of people in a very small space.

The problem is that homemade snacks can cause food safety issues or contamination. This means they can make someone else on the ship sick. So, as long as you can bring unopened food on board, bring a plate of Grandma's cookies whicheat in violation of the regulations during the cruise.

Surge protectors
If you're a smart cruiser, it's a good idea to bring an electrical outlet with you. Cabins on many ships only have one or two electrical outlets. The adapter gives you more space for the plug, so you can charge your phone, plug in a bedside lamp, use a curling iron or whatever else you need.

But be carefuldo not pack the adapter with a surge protectorThey are not allowed on ships as they can interfere with the ship's electrical system. Instead it issome inexpensive adapterswhich just gives you more plugs without using a surge protector.

You may be wondering what to wear for a formal evening when you have to pack all your clothes into your suitcase. Will it wrinkle when unpacked?

It's tempting to bring an iron with you in this situation, but leave it at home.Due to the risk of fire, irons are not allowed on board and will be confiscated, so what do you do with your crumpled clothes?

Firstly, some ships have passenger toilets with irons that you can use yourself. However, every ship allows you to send your belongings to the ship's laundry if you need something urgently. Please note that this costs a few tenths, you canchoose an anti-wrinkle spray to smooth out any wrinkled clothes.

Candles or incense
Granted, probably not many people try to pack candles or incense, but on the other hand, for many couples, cruises are romantic. You may want to bring a candle or two with you to lighten the mood.

Candles and incense - or any other kind of constant open fire - are strictly forbidden on a cruise ship. Fires are a serious problem on any ship, especially with 4,000 passengers. All it takes is one person forgetting to blow it out or accidentally bumping into it, and disaster strikes.

Marijuana/CBD and other drugs
We understand that many states have now legalized marijuana and CBD products. However, keep in mind that ships sail everywhere, including several countries on each voyage. This means that within a few days they can be subject to the law in different places.

For this reason, they simply follow US federal law and do not allow these products to be brought on board – even if you are sailing from a state where it is legal.

Don't pack them. If found, they will be confiscated at best. Law enforcement (including at overseas ports) may be involved at worst.

Beer and spirits
On some major cruise lines like Carnival and Royal Caribbean,you can take a small amount of soft drinks in the form of a plate with you.And every cruise line we know of allows you to bring at least one bottle of wine or champagne with you, but we don't know of any major cruise lines that can pack beer or spirits on the cruise.

If you're in the mood for a drink, you should head to one of the ship's (many) bars during the cruise.

If you bring something purchased at the port, it will be retained by the cruise line until the end of the cruise and returned the evening before departure.

Hoverboardy firmy „Heelys”
If you're not sure what a hoverboard or "Heelys" is, we'll assume you don't have kids. If you're a parent, you probably know kids love to jump on their skateboards or use their Heelys to roll around instead of running, walking, leaving them at home.

Cruise lines usually forbid these items, not only for the safety of the person using them, but also for the safety of other passengers on the ship. One wrong move with these items and they crash into another created person.

This may seem logical to most people, but guns are not allowed on cruises. We're not just talking about guns and knives, but also things like brass knuckles, pepper spray, and stun guns.

If you are considering bringing anything that could even be considered a gun, just leave it at home. Remember that not only do you have to follow US law, but cruise ships also stop in different countries. Be equally accommodating to foreigners who bring gunsto country.

Surprising things about youCapable ofBring the ship

7 common things NOT to take on a cruise (and 5 surprising things you can) (2)

While we've covered some of the most important things you can't take on a ship, it may have raised questions about other things you'll want to pack. Here are a few things that might seem questionable, but you can take with you.

Straightener/curling iron
Items that can start a fire are prohibited on a cruise ship, so you should not bring items such as candles, irons, or even coffee pots. It is a little surprising that you can bring a straightener and curling iron with you. Iron.

We're not entirely sure why these items are OK and other popular ones aren't, other than that it would be a huge inconvenience for many passengers if they weren't allowed to take them. Just remember you can bring hair accessories to helpYou get ready for a formal evening, but remember to unplug the power cord when you leave the cabin.

Hair dryers are already in each cabin, so you can leave them at home.

Liquids (except beer/spirits)
If you're flying, you're probably familiar with the strict rules on liquids in hand luggage. The 3oz rule is a nuisance for many passengers. Fortunately, there are no such rules on cruise ships. If you want to take shampoo with you, do so. The same goes for things like cream​​​sunscreen, aloe vera, lotion, or whatever else you want to bring with you. Royal Caribbean and Carnival even allow you to bring in a dozen soft drinks.

Despite fire concerns, you can actually pack cigarettes, cigars and vaping products. That being said, smoking is only allowed in certain areas of the ship. This usually means designated areas on certain decks and in the casino. For safety reasons (and to make the room smell nice)Smoking is not allowed in the cottages and on the balconies.

You might think that if the ban were on candles, lighters would also be illegal. In fact, you can take them on board.

We suggest checking with your specific cruise line, but you'd be surprised if drones are actually allowed on board some ships. That being said, the rules we've seen don't allow you to control them on a ship. Instead, you'll need to store them in your cabin until you reach the portwhere you can use them.

However, be aware that some ports of call may have their own rules regarding drones and whether you are allowed to use them. In fact, we recommend leaving them at home.

Distilled water for CPAP
Some cruise lines allow you to bring soft drinks on board, but regulations only allow you to bring a dozen or so smaller bottles. Larger containers are not allowed. What if you need a pitcher of distilled water for your CPAP machine?

Cruise lines make an exception for gallon jugs of distilled water for your CPAP machine and allow you to take it on board. Just make sure you bring an espresso machine on board to prove you have the jug of water you need.

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