7 cruises to avoid or risk disappointment (2023)

7 cruises to avoid or risk disappointment (1)

When planning a cruise, you may wonder which cruises are best and which ones to avoid.

Cruises are a great vacation choice for those who love the sea, but not all cruises are created equal. While it can be said that "there is no such thing as a bad cruise", some cruises feel like you've wasted your time and money.

In this post, I share 7 cruises that may cause potential problems or problems. While this list is subjective, I present the real reasons why these cruises may not be right for you. Thiscruise tipshelps you avoid the worst cruise experience and plan a better cruise vacation.

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Cruises and cruise ships should be avoided

7 cruises to avoid or risk disappointment (2)

1. Transfer cruises

Changing cruise locations can be quite a challenge, but for some people, these are cruises to avoid!

Repositioning voyages are one-way voyages that leave one home port and region to sail to another and start new voyage routes. These are usually cruise ships that cross the Atlantic or the Pacific. Sometimes people refer to repositioning cruises as transatlantic or transpacific cruises.

more positive

To be honest, some people like to relocate cruises and they can be a great way to travel if you have time and spend a lot of days at sea.

For others, however, not so much. The fact is that many people are attracted to the lower cost of repositioning cruises. These arecruises that can cost as much as $30-$50 per personper night - definitely a bargain!

more negative

However, there are some downsides to consider before making your decisionbook a cruise.

Changing the position of cruiseshappen at the beginning or end of the season. The weather may be cooler, which may limit the time spent on the outdoor terraces. The sea can be choppy and is not ideal for everyone who cares about itmotion sickness.

Another reason you might want to avoid moving cruises is that these routes involve few ports of call and many days at sea. For example, on a typical 15-day cruise that starts in Rome and ends in Port Florida, you'll have 5 port stops and 9 days at sea.

if you lovesea ​​daysand have time to add travel days at the start or end of your cruise. Repositioning cruises can be great. However, feedback and reviews show that this is the route chosen by more experienced cruiserscruisers for the first timeshould avoid.

2. Short cruises

7 cruises to avoid or risk disappointment (3)

There are many reasons why you might want to avoid a short cruise. For some, such cruises can be an interesting experience, but not for everyone. Especially if it isI'm sailing for the first timethese short cruises are unlikely to give you the same experience as a more traditional 7-day cruise.

Here are four main reasons to go on short cruises:

  • Shorter voyages of 2, 3 or 4 days are common on the line's older and smaller cruise ships. Although that changes a bitcruises resumed in 2021is something worth paying attention to.
  • Short weekend cruises often attract people who want to party at a good price. This can be quite different from the longer cruises that often attract couples and families looking for a mix of fun and relaxation.
  • There is less time to relax, unpack and get into cruise mode. It will be a day or two before you really feel like you are on vacation. May be necessary for short cruises of 2, 3 or 4 dayslandlike you really enjoyed it.
  • You also have less time for activities on board. While there are usually plenty of things to do on any cruise, there is not as much time for day and night activities on short cruises.

Definitely to get the most satisfying experience possibleactivities on cruise shipssuch as cooking shows, dance lessons, trivia contests or game shows, it is best to go on a longer cruise.

If you live near a cruise port and sail often and know what to expect, you can of course enjoy the opportunity to sail more often.

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7 cruises to avoid or risk disappointment (4)

3. Hurricane season cruises

You might consider avoiding itsailing in hurricane seasonas cruise ships are sometimes delayed, they have to re-route or even be canceled due to unusual circumstances.

In contrast, the "hurricane season" usually runs from June to NovemberCruises in the CaribbeanThe chance for this is greatest from late August to November. Of course, there are no guarantees and some years seem worse than others.

If you are booking a cruise during hurricane season, you must be flexible with changes. If you want more peace of mind and safety on your cruise route, it's best to avoid certain cruises during these months. You also need to take it with youcruise travel insurance.

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7 cruises to avoid or risk disappointment (5)

4. Introductory Cruises

Participating in the first official departure of a new cruise ship can be fun, but it's best to avoid inaugural cruises if you expect everything to go perfectly.

There are several things that can happen.

First,Launch flights may be canceled due to flight delaysfor deliveries of cruise ships from shipyards and for other reasons. While this doesn't happen often, there is a chance that your cruise will be cancelled, which can be very disappointing, especially since you've probably planned it well in advance.

However, the biggest reason why it is not worth booking inaugural flights is that they have not yet solved all the problems. The crew is getting used to working together and handling thousands of cruise passengers for the first time. Some parts of the cruise ship may not yet be fully completed and require work during the voyage.

It may also be that the cruise ship is quite busy and there are many special events happening on it.

While it can be fun if you enjoy it, if you don't like to brag, you might be better off sailing that new ship in a few weeks or months. As a bonus, prices are usually lower.

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5. Cruises at the beginning and end of the season

7 cruises to avoid or risk disappointment (6)

Cross-season cruises can be very cost-effective, so it's worth considering if you're looking for a cruiseGood exchangeand smaller crowds. However, they have several disadvantages.

If you are sailing at the beginning of the season, the weather may not be ideal depending on what you want to do during the cruise. to swim, e.gBermudyin april it can be great for sightseeing but if you are planning to go any of themThe pink beaches of Bermudait'll be too cool.

If you sail towards the end of the season, you will notice that the weather is cooler and the sea is choppy. For example, when the end of the season is approachingAlaskatours may be less frequent due to fewer people and may even be canceled due to weather.

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6. Dry dock cruises

7 cruises to avoid or risk disappointment (7)

There are many reasons why dry dock cruising should be avoided, and cruise passengers who have experienced it have a lot to say!

Cruise ships go into dry dock every two to three years for maintenance and renovation of the interior and exterior areas. While this is a good thing, unfortunately, just before docking in the dry dock, the ship will not look its best.

In places you may notice frayed carpeting and rust, which may have come loose in recent weeks in anticipation of the scheduled docking period.

More importantly, some cruise ship passengers have reported that the crew sometimes starts some work on the last voyage before docking. This can have a negative impact on the cruise experience so I would definitely avoid it.

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7. Avoid some cruise ships

Depending on the person, some cruise ships can be more fun than others, so it's very important to research your cruise ship and ship.

There really are no bad cruise lines, but if you book a cruise that doesn't give you the experience you want and expect, you're bound to be disappointed.

For example, if you are looking for nightlife and an energetic atmosphere, Holland America Line may not be the best option for you. If you want a quiet, romantic holiday, avoid the spring break carnival cruise.

This is a problem that can be solved after studying the topic in advancecruise booking. You almost stayguaranteed a better cruiseif you choose the best ship and cruise line for you.

Use onecruise advisor or travel agentcan help but also readcruise blogs, To listencruise podcastsand seeYouTubers cruiseAlso.

YouTube video: cruises to avoid and not to book

If you want to learn more about it and read about the good and bad experiences of other cruisers, be sure to check it outto movieand read the insightful answers.

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7 cruises to avoid or risk disappointment (8)

Final thoughts: cruises to avoid

Cruises can be a wonderful experience. However, there are a few cruises you should avoid if you want to have the best time possible. These cruises may not meet your expectations in terms of itinerary, the quality of the cruise line's dining and entertainment offerings, or even due to upcoming dry dock maintenance.

Of course, each of us is different and there will be a suitable cruise for everyone. After reading the information when planning a cruise, you can be sure that you will choose the best possible cruise and avoid disappointment.

Do you agree or disagree with these cruises to avoid and are there any others you would like to add? Let me know in the comments below.

Happy transition!


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