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General resources[edit|edit source]

20 Indexes over biography and The Celtic Monthly

60 Index to the Register of Wills, Argyll Police Station, 1674-1800

75 List of members of the London Argyllshire Association, 1903-04

76 Index op de Justiciary Records van Argyll & the Isles, 1664-1742

77 Indeks do Argyll Sasines, vol. 1

78 Indeks do Argyll Sasines, vol 2

86 Index of police records

119 Roll of Honor of the Manchester and Salford Caledonian Association 1917

153 Index of war memorials 1914-1919 [Work in progress]

174 Liste over abonnenter af Clasach nan Benn af Evan MacColl 1836

188 Fast of the Scottish Church

231 De Fasti van de United Free Church in Scotland

259 monster rolls, 1689-90

499 U.S.l Mail Steamer, "New York", June 6, 1914, Southampton to New York via Cherbourg (passenger list)

500 Scottish immigrant ship names, many to Argyle and Caledonia, Illinois

501st Brig "Car" 06/23/1841 (Passenger List)

The 502nd British barge Gleaner arrived in New York on July 5, 1842, 33 days from Campbelltown, Scotland

503 Emigrants to America on Diana, September 1774

Passenger list of 504 Bark "Charlotte Harrison" July 1850

505 British barge "Tay" Augustus 1840 Passagierslist'FHGeneral Resources, continued"
506 Two lists of intended passengers to the New World 1770 and 17...

507 1864 Letters from New York and San Francisco

508 passenger lists of Scottish and Irish ships

561 Emigrants to America at Wilmington, Passenger List 1803

562 The British ship "SARAH" arrived in New York on July 18, 1850. 38 c... from Glasgow

(Video) Exploring the Argyll Papers at Inveraray Castle | Dig It! TV

577 Scottish Fire and Rescue History - AFS Western Zone

611 History of the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service - L Argyll & Bute area (

618 History of the Scottish Fire Service - West Area Fire Service (

650 The Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders, 1st Battalion 1899-1 ... Photocopies of "Yearbook of South African War Casualties, South African Field Force October 11, 1899 to June 1902"

654 Arrivals of ships in New South Wales 1788-1800

655 List of ships sailing from Scotland to Canada, 1770-1815 with...Mrs. Meg Douglas, Isle of Mull (August 2011)

660 Ancient Crafts in Scotland, a list and descriptions of some 500 unusual crafts, trades and jobs found in documents from the 17th, 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries and grave inscriptions in Scotland

ARCHATTAN I MUCKAIRN[edit|edit source]

24. List of men from the Lorn detachment eligible for service in the militia from 18 to 45, 1804

34. Electoral register, 1836

35. Spis Pigota 1837

58. List of men of military age eligible to vote, 1799

136. Transcript of the 1841 census

161. The Commons of Argyll: lists of names for 1685 and 1692, edited by Duncan C. MacTavish, ed. Lochgilphead 1935

203. List of people called to clear MUCKAIRN 1685 forest

285 . 1841 Census Index ARDCHATTAN & MUCKAIRN Transcribed by Edna Stark and published by G.&W>S>F>H>S>[Booklet]

317. ARDCHATTAN & MUCKAIRN parish census index of 1851 by Tommy and Margaret Semple.

364. MacKichans familiehistorie, ARDCHATTAN

463. List of teachers of the Ardchattan Primary School

489. Merchant Colin, descendant of the Campbells of Barcaldine Door Iain M. Campbell, Nova Scotia, uddrag af Journal of the Clan Campbell Society, 1987

490. Campbells fra Knpadale- Et efterskrift, NORTH KNAPDALE Zobacz monumentalne zapisy Ardchattan & Muckairn: Ardchattan Parish Church, Ballymone Burial Ground, Ardchattan Priory, Benderloch, Craigneuk, Muckairn, Balllifeolan

625 List of debtors to the late Mrs. Campbell of Ballimore

630 List of creditors late Margaret Campbell of Ballimore GLENORCHY & INNISHAIL

632 List of wintering cattle owners in Achnaclach 1781-1782 ARCHATTAN & MUCKAIRN

See also DG/1/1 Descendants of John MacKechane, merchant in …. Born c. 1766 and Isabella McIntyre, Ardachy, b. 1770 in Par… Ardchattan. Contains transcripts of letters and photocopies of photographs... This is a family tree showing the descendants of the son of Jan and Izabela I...
The Prime Minister of Lochgilphead and his son John MacKechane emigrated to Australia sometime in the 19th century.

DG/1/17 Pedigree-Campbell from Invergeldie and Barcaldine

Burial site See also AGN 4277 Various articles relating to Duncan Campbell of Inverawe, reprinted from the Journal of the Clan Campbell Society.

CAMPBELLTOWN[edit|edit source]

5 Number not used

6 Number not used

8 The Role of Club Kintyre Members.

18 Typoscript van de Hearth Tax, 1694, Kintyre Parishes, door de heer A>I>B>

(Video) Fallen Kingdom: The MacDonalds, Lords of the Isles

31 Lease of Kintyre 1543

34 Electoral register, 1836

35 Spis Pigota 1837

41 Leasing various properties in Kintyre.

42 Lease of the property of the Duke of Aryll, 1853

43 subscribers to build relief church at CAMPBELTOWN, 1766-1767

58 List of men entitled to vote 1799

70 Spis Pigota 1825

79 Index on Campbeltown voter claims.

82 Lease Book, Oatfield Estate 1843-45

83 List of Miners etc. Argyll Colliery, Drumlemble 1913-1920

92 Burnside Independent Chapel, subscription and membership lists 1829 1842

93a Statute list of works, et, 1843 &b

107 Lease of the Trodigal estate, 1818

108 Kilchrist Estate Papers, CAMPBELTOWN: - Lease 1781
"Various cabins" 1799
Mowers 1815
Lease of rolls 1819

110 sales records for Machrihanish 1817

117 Indeks Duncana Colville'a do CAMPBELTOWN Courier i do Argyllshire Herald.

121 List of shareholders CAMPBELTOWN & Glasgow Steam Packet Joint Stock Co Ltd 1841-1904

129 Petition of the people of the Glenbreckne area for a bridge over Lochoradale Water, 1892

151 Excerpt from "Kintyre in the Seventeenth Century". by Andrew Mackerral.

154 Owners, Members, etc. Campbeltown Relief Kirk 1835-1836

159 Captions "Carters, Cowfeeders, etc." at CAMPBELLTOWN 1839

161 The Commons of Argyll: Lists of Names from 1685 and 1692, red. Duncan C. McTavish, wyd. Lochgilphead 1935

163 Duncan Colville Statements from Kintyre Leases

172 Service register of heirs 1807-1841

Loonblad 175, CAMPBELTOWN Water Works 1851

191 Record of the number of souls in the rural part of the parish of CAMPBELTOWN, Separation of highlanders from lowlands, 5 II. 1791

214 Rentals of North and South Kintyre 1596 and 1605 [from Highland Papers, Volume III edited by R.N. MacPhail, ed. Scottish history. sat 1920]

243 land tenures in Kintyre and Inveraray 1648 transcribed by Niall D Campbell, 10th Duke of Argyll, CAMPBELTOWN, Southend, Saddel, Kilkenzie and Inverary

247 Kintyre rentals:
a) Lease of the estate to the Lord of Kintyre, no date [ca. 1636?]
b) Lease of lands to the Earl of Argyll at Kintyre 1653
c) Lease of Burgh of Campbeltown 1714

(Video) Campbell Clan History

266 Register of St. Kiaran's Episcopal Church CAMPBELTOWN Baptisms 1848-1855, Marriages 1849-1853

287 1851 Census Index for CAMPBELTOWN parish, compiled by Tommy and Margaret Semple
a) municipal area
b) land area

295 List of names of paupers in the general register of paupers in the parish of CAMPBELTOWN, ca. 1860-1899

302 typescript list of tenant write-offs at the Duke of Argyll's Kintyre Estate 1720 CAMPBELTOWN, Southend, Killean & Kilchenzie

305 Lease of Askomil CAMPBELTOWN, 1769

306 List of people with cows and horses grazing in the common town of CAMPBELTOWN 1771, 1780, 1792, 1796

309 List of Squatters and Cottages, etc. in Kintyre West Road Quarter Crubisdale to Campbelttown, July 31, 1797 CAMPBELTOWN, Killan & Kilmore Tommy and Margaret Semple

310 List of CAMPBELTOWN acres and houses, January 20, 1838.

314 Typescript List of purchasers of copper stills by Robert Armour, Campbelttown coppersmith in 1811-1812, mined by the late Duncan Colville

329 Proof of tenancy of the property of the late Colonel Charles Campbell of Barbreck in the parishes of Southend, CAMPBELTOWN and Killean 1797

341 Illegal distilleries, letters

343 Horse tax 1797

344 Rent arrears 1773-1783

349 Various documents

350 List of homeowners in CAMPBELTOWN 1685

465 Scholarship exam results, July 1912, highest possible grade is 1100 [from CA/5/45/14]

471 Index CAMPBELTOWN Bath (1-600) 1870 compiled by Tommy and Margaret Semple

472 CAMPBELTOWN Index Poor (600-1300) 1869-1899 compiled by Tommy and Margaret Semple

473 Index CAMPBELTOWN Poor (1301-1598) 1890-1899 compiled by Tommy and Margaret Semple

See also monumental inscriptions (3) Campbeltown

572 Scottish Fire Brigade History - L 16 Campbeltown

581 Scottish Fire Service History - Campbeltown Lufthavn

656 CAMPBELTOWN: List of board members; inspectors of the poor; doctors; lawyers; Members of the Houses of the Poor Committee; Governor of the House of the Poor; matron; chaplain and nurses; registrars; churchgoers; and a merchant working on the construction of the poorhouse, 18456-1908 (from CA/7/4/84)

657 List of purchasers of barley purchased from Malcolme McNeall, Merchant, Campbeltown, May 1727

658 Some Campbeltown Baptisms and Marriages, D. Murray Rose, 1682 to 1687 [copy KASC/1/11/19]

661 Stent of the Burgh year ending January 1, 1825 CAMPBELTOWN [COPY FROM CASC/1/12/1]

662 Stent of the Burgh year ending January 1, 1831 CAMPBELTOWN [copy taken from KASC/1/12/2]

663 Census of Campbeltown in 1685 (men only) CAMPBELTOWN [copy taken from KASC/1/11/41]

664 List of people who own swamp rooms 15 May 1674 CAMPBELTOWN [copy from KASC /1/11/44]

665 List of DE Burgesses of Campbeltown, 1695-1738 CAMPBELTOWN [copy taken from KASC/1/11/42]

(Video) North Lanarkshire Archives Presentation to Lanarkshire Family History Society

666 The First Rent of the Lowland Plantation of Kintyre 1652 [kopia zaczerpnięta z KASC/1/11/49] CAMPBELTOWN]

668 "The Presbyteerie Book of Kintyire commenced August 15, 1655 M.DC.LV" [copy taken from KASC/1/11/106] CAMPBELTOWN SADDLE & SKIPNESS, SOUTHEND, KILLEAN & KILCHENZIE, GIGHA & CARA, KILCALMONELL

669 Kintyre Rentals, 1505-1710. Transcribed by A.I.B. Stewart and Andrew McKerral [copy taken from KASC /1/11/181] CAMPBELTOWN, SADDLE & SKIPNESS, SOUTHEND, KILLEAN & KILCHENZIE, GIGHA & CARA, KILCALMONELL

671 Return of the number of men aged 15 to 60 in the parish of Kilkerran, Kintyre and horses and carts, February 1798 CAMPBELTOWN

672 List of Tenants-in-Chief at Argyll Estate, 1830, in Appendices to the Argyll Estate Act 1830 (INVERARY & GLENARAY, CAMPBELTOWN, SOUTHEND, KILLEAN & KILCHENZIE)
See also:
DG/1/2 Saga of our Kintyre Kin by Grace Ralston and Lawrence Ralston Schmurr, self-published 1984. Tracking the Ralston, Greenlee, MacPhail, Breakenridge, Andrew, Wallace, and Howie families throughout Kintyre

DG/1/27 Lineage, Paterson, Mitchell, Artnot, Shaw, Campbeltown connections

DG/1/41 Photocopy of a letter written by J. Galbraith, Campbeltown, concerning the Galbraith family

DG/1/46 Descendants of Donald McCualsky and Margaret McLarty of Campbeltown prepared by H.LO. Dak, West Virginia (with Kintyre Antiquarian Society)

DG/1/47 Descendants of John and Isabel Brown Ralston, no connections to Campbeltown

KOL[edit|edit source]

58 List of men eligible to vote, 1799 (only 11 names)

80 Indeks til Tobermory Procurator Fiscal Records

96 List of names in the book of minutes of the Parish Board COLL 1847-1855

126 Memorial to the people of Comaig, Bousd and Sorisdale for new roads, 1882, 1883, 1891

134 Lists of road ratings, etc., 1840s and 1850s

150 Testimony of John Johnston to The Royal Commission (Highlands & Islands 1892) concerning tenants before 1855.

200 testimonies from parishioners in TIREE and COLL in their favorfallMinister 1698 - twenty signatures

325 1851 Census Index for COLL Parish by Tommy and Margaret Semple

538 List of Coll Islanders December 2, 1776 Transcribed by Linda Temple and Flora MacDonald and edited by Keith Dash

539 1841 Census, Isle of Coll from Terry Sheppard's Transcript, edited by Keith Dash

540 1861 Census, Isle of Coll, transcribed by Ian Scott -

541 Isle of Coll - Marriages 1776-1820

542 Isle of Coll - Marriages 1821-1855

544 Isle of Coll - Births/Baptisms 1821 to 1855

545 Census of Coll Island 1776

546 Map of Coll Island showing the location of the village, settlements and geographical features.

547 Martin Martin (1703). Description of the Western Isles of Scotland Martin Matin was born into a wealthy family on the Isle of Skye around 1655-1660 and received his MA from the University of Edinburgh in 1681. In the 1690s he traveled extensively in the Western Isles of Scotland, including mapping the Hebrides with John Adair. He entered Leiden University in 1710, completed his medical studies, then lived in London, where he died in 1719. He is best known for his classic work Description of the Western Isles of Scotland, published in 1703, which later inspired writers and travellers. like Samuel Johnson and James Boswell...

548 Samuel Johnson (1775) Journey to the Western Isles of Scotland Samuel Johnson (1709-1784) was one of the most famous figures in English literature. In the summer of 1773, he and his friend James Boswell traveled in the Highlands and Inner Hebrides of Scotland, using Martin Martin's 1703 description as a guide. Johnson's account of their journey, A Journey to the Western Isles of Scotland, published two years later in 1775, is believed to have been largely written from memory.

549-551 Not assigned

552 Scotland's New Statistical Account (1834-1845)

553 Unassigned 554………

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