Best Battery Backup UPS for PC Gaming in 2022 (2023)

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The best UPS or uninterruptible power supply protects your PC from unexpected power outages and surges.

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The best UPS backup keeps your machine running when the power supply fails. Whether it's a power outage, blackout, or surge, you'll be protected long enough to save whatever you're doing and safely shut down your device. Since power spikes and interruptions can be bad news for PC components, they can save you money. And who doesn't like to save?

if you have oneState-of-the-art gaming PC(opens in new tab), pairing it with an uninterruptible power supply as a backup is a good idea. This protects your valuable system from fluctuations in power output and also acts as a surge protector. A UPS uses internal batteries to provide a steady stream of power, and a good UPS will give you plenty of time to save your work or reach another save point before safely shutting down your PC.

How long a UPS will give you to save your game or work depends on your power consumption, and there are other things to consider as well. All of the UPSs below that we've tested offer exactly what we needed from a regular black box. This will give you a better understanding of what works best for you and your budget.

The Best UPS for Gaming PCs

Why You Can Trust PC GamersOur experts spend hours testing and comparing products and services so you can choose the best one for you.Learn more about how we test.





Best Battery Backup UPS for PC Gaming in 2022 (2)

Best Battery Backup UPS for PC Gaming in 2022 (3)

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Best Battery Backup UPS for PC Gaming in 2022 (4)

1. CyberPower CP1500PFCLCD

The best UPS for most gamers


Ability:900W | 1500VA

Voltage range:160–265VCA

Overvoltage protection:Y

Dimensions:265 x 100 x 370 mm


reasons to buy


Truly Gulf-USV


900 watts of sustained power


Useful LCD screen for monitoring

reasons to avoid


premium prices

The CyberPower CP1500PFCLCD 1500VA is one of the best UPSs on the market. Several factors contribute to making it our first choice for most players. First, it has enough juice to power most slots, even if you're using the beefiest GPU and an overclocked CPU. Unless you have systems with ten hard drives, four-way GPUs, and other accessories, the CP1500PFCLCD should have enough power to last 10-20 minutes (longer if you have more moderate equipment) if a power outage occurs.

One of the most critical features of the CP1500PFCLCD is its true sine wave output. Most UPS backups in their price range only provide a simulated sine wave, a scaled sine wave which is roughly what you get from your outlet. Some electronic devices are sensitive to simulated sine waves and behave abnormally. At $214, true sine wave output is unheard of, so kudos to CyberPower for providing such quality output.





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2. CyberPower EC650LCD

The best UPS for your network and accessories


Ability:390W | 650VA

Voltage range:96–140VCA

Overvoltage protection:Y

Dimensions:150 x 79 x 269 mm


reasons to buy


Good energy reserves for its size.


LCD display for load monitoring


ECO mode for socket management

reasons to avoid


Will not power high-end systems

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For smaller networking devices and accessories, the CyberPower EC650LCD is the best choice for most. Priced at $88 for 390W/650VA, the EC650LCD has enough power reserves to keep the average home network active for more than 15 minutes, which is enough to kill your game/applications, all your network saving work, and shut everything down properly during a power outage.

The EC650LCD is small enough to store away and takes up very little desk space for a 390W device. One of my favorite features of the EC650LCD is its array of ECO connectors. These ports can be managed and scheduled to be enabled or disabled based on schedule or use case. ECO ports also disable accessories such as speakers and displays when the PC is idle or turned off.

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Best Battery Backup UPS for PC Gaming in 2022 (10)

3. APC BE600M1

The best UPS for small accessories

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Ability:330W | 600VA

Voltage range:92–139VCA

Overvoltage protection:Y

Dimensions:139 x 105 x 274 mm


reasons to buy


Enough power for accessories and routers.


Can power game consoles


Small and convenient size

reasons to avoid


For your network, not your PC

The name APC means high quality UPS. I use three of the company's professional Smart-UPS units at home: two 1000 VA units for my NAS and network gear, and one 1500 VA unit for my PC and monitors.

APC's BE600M1 provides excellent surge and battery protection for the devices you use most every day. That's your phone and possibly a tablet. However, it has enough power reserves to connect at least a router and a single monitor. If you just want to use the BE600M1 to power a Wi-Fi router, the device has enough power to let you surf the web smoothly for several hours even if the rest of your house is out of power. Priorities.

The best thing about the BE600M1 is its size. Most UPSs are large and must be placed on the floor, but APC recommends placing the BE600M1 on a table. The device offers a single 1.5A USB port for charging a phone or tablet, so you don't have to use the device's power adapter, which sure is a wart on the wall that can overlap with an outlet or two, leaving you with shared power outlets for other devices.

Best UPS for PC Gaming FAQ

How long does a UPS last?

A 1500 VA uninterruptible power supply should power your computer for just under an hour. But if you're trying to run your PC and monitor from it, you're probably looking at about ten minutes of runtime. A 650VA can provide something like seven minutes on a full charge, though obviously with much less peak power.

What type of UPS should I buy?

There are two types of uninterruptible power supply you should look for when buying your gaming PC: sine wave and simulated sine wave.

Sine wave UPS backups provide a smooth, constant swing of AC power directly to your power source. These are generally the only UPS types he recommends for gaming PCs due to their efficiency and clean power delivery.

What is the difference between a sine wave UPS and a simulated sine wave UPS?

A pure sine wave signal corresponds to the AC power your power supply expects from your mains. Essentially, your PC shouldn't know the difference between the UPS's battery performance and what you're getting from the wall outlet.

Simulated sine wave UPSs provide an approximate scaled waveform using pulse width modulation (PWM). This is the same concept used for controlpc case fans(opens in new tab)Number of revolutions. They are generally much less expensive than pure sine wave UPSs and can be useful for peripherals, small appliances and monitors. However, as the waveform is not always accurate, they may not work as intended with power supplies that require constant and stable input.

When your UPS detects a power surge or blackout, it switches to battery operation. How you supply battery power to your PC or accessories is where the sine wave versus simulated sine wave is most important. This is because some power supplies detect a simulated sine wave frequency and suddenly turn off to guard against unexpected performance oddities. So your UPS doesn't really protect your PC from a power outage.


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