Breaking Bad Movie Recap: Did Jesse Have a Happy Ending Without Walt in El Camino on Netflix? (2023)

Warning: This post contains spoilers forEl Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie.

last time we sawbreaking Bad's Jesse Pinkman, was high on life and badly screwed up at the same time. But what about Walter White's protégé?after thisDoes he escape the meth connection in the series finale?

The story is rich in detail for the die-hard fans and I've tried to convey as much as possible here.But if you want bare bonesbreaking BadBasics, let's get started:Jesse goes through various brawls to try and get the money he needs to start a new life as someone else. Eventually he succeeds and starts over in Alaska. Along the way, flashbacks (consisting of new footage) give us a glimpse of some of the series' most beloved characters.

But the details are the fun part, right? Read more about the big Netflix actionEl Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie.

Mike is alive! OH WAIT - LEAVES🇧🇷 In case you forgot, Jesse's final scene in the series' swan song saw him beaten up and beside himself, laughing and crying as he escaped the compound where he had been held captive and forced to cook meth for his uncle. Jack's Gang of Nazis. But the first scene of the film shows Jesse, clean and in a leather jacket, standing serenely by a river. "You know he won't be happy," says an off-screen male voice, and... it's Mike! The meeting takes place in Season 5; They discuss what they will do with the money received. Mike tells the young man that if he were him, he would go to Alaska. Jesse nods. “Start from scratch,” he says. "Put things in their place." Mike's face is serious. "No, sorry, boy," he replies. "That's the one thing you can never do."

Cut to Jesse in the car right after the events of the finale: he's dirty, scarred, and a little mad as he screams and cries as he runs from the scene of his torture. Seeing police lights in the distance, he stops and reaches for a gun, but police cars pass him without incident. He's so emaciated and shaken that Pete doesn't recognize his old friend when he arrives at Badger and Skinny Pete's. But the boys act quickly: They pull the car off the road and stick food in its stomach, then it falls on the bed. As he sleeps dead, a televised press conference summarizes the end of Walt's empire and mentions that there is a person of interest (aka Jesse), but it's unclear if this POI was involved in the slaughter or if he was "released." “ became the property.

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Breaking Bad Movie Recap: Did Jesse Have a Happy Ending Without Walt in El Camino on Netflix? (1)The next morning, Jesse has some violent flashbacks of being locked in a cage and stranded like a Cadillac; He's so nervous he even takes his gun into the shower. However, once he's clean, shaved, and dressed, he looks a little more like the old Jesse we knew. On TV, the news shows a picture of Jesse, who is no longer an anonymous POI, and says sources speculate that he and Walt "got into a fight." Uh yeah ma'am. Pinkman calls Old Joe(!) to take a look at the car. As the junkyard boss investigates Jesse's trail, he reminisces about the time Walt and Jesse came up with one of their most ridiculous plans. "Magnets! Yes, that was good,” he says, laughing, recalling thinking the plan wasn't going to work. But the frivolity ends when Joe's scanner starts ringing: LoJack just activated the tracker in Jesse's car, presumably to help the police, and they all need to get out of there.

Let's take a moment here to understand how calm and gentle Skinny Pete is during Jesse's impromptu visit. He lends you clothes. He hands her a burner phone. And he came up with the idea that Jesse would leave the target vehicle there and drive off with Badger's; Meanwhile, Badger dumps Skinny Pete's car somewhere near Mexico to make it look like Jesse fled to the border. So Pete and Badger give their friend all the money in their wallets and SP's signature knit hat because "Dude, you're my friggin' hero," and Jesse leaves.

It's also a good thing: the number of police cars that pull up to Pete and Badger's house while Jesse drives away is HUGE.

TODD ​​IS REALLY TERRIBLE🇧🇷 Our next flashback takes place while Jesse was a prisoner on the compound; Someone pulls the tarp out of its hole in the ground and it's Todd! The sadistic but cute madman makes small talk about the weather, then says they'll be alone at the property for the weekend and he needs Jesse's help with something. "If you try to escape, I'll have to see the boy," she reminds him, referring to Brock. "Good manners, right?" At this point, Jesse is so depressed that he accepts almost anything. Soon they go to Todd's apartment.

It turns out Todd needs help putting a roof on the back of his car... oh, and getting rid of the corpse of the cleaning lady he killed when he accidentally discovered his stash of money. Jesse is appalled both by the body on the kitchen floor and by Todd's nonchalance; After being wrapped in a blanket, Todd calmly heats up soup for lunch. Later, Jesse pushes the rug off the porch (the bang it lands with in the parking lot below is disgusting), so they make their way to the desert, where Todd has his captive dig the woman's grave.

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But when Jesse discovers a gun in the car's glove compartment, he shakes and aims it at Todd. Todd never seems to worry that Jesse will shoot him; Instead, he talks about how he wanted to buy them pizza and beer on the way home. He asks Jesse what his favorite cake is, and good MR Aaron Paul hurts me as he sobs and softly says "pepperoni." He hands over the gun and can't stop crying, so Todd hugs him and offers this wisdom: "My Uncle Jack says life is what you make it."

Breaking Bad Movie Recap: Did Jesse Have a Happy Ending Without Walt in El Camino on Netflix? (2)

ONE DINNER MAKE(S) INJURY(S)🇧🇷 In the present, Todd's apartment has already been searched by the police in connection with the events of the finale. But Jesse is sure they didn't find the money Todd bragged about hidden in a secret place in his house. Jesse then searches the location where there is a very spooky collection of snow globes and eventually finds the money hidden in the fridge door. But before he can recover, two detectives arrive and Jesse has to go into hiding.fastj.

One of the men eventually meets him and Jesse makes it clear that he's not a cop killer, but he needs to get out of there. But the men are unsympathetic, and eventually the threat of being shot down by a squad waiting below causes Jesse to give up his gun, cry, and lie on the ground. The detectives seem taken aback by the turn of events, and when they don't have handcuffs to hold him down, Jesse realizes they aren't real cops. "I know where the money is!" he yells, and that quickly gets her attention.

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Long story short, maybe a million bucks is stuck in a fake front on the fridge door and they surly agree to split in three. Jesse walks out and sees that the boys are actually from the Kandy Welding Co., which seems to trigger a memory. "I was wondering when you would remember me," says one. And so we learn that the man welded the device to which Jesse was chained during his forced cooking.

I asked well🇧🇷 Through trial and error, Jesse eventually finds Ed, the owner of the vacuum shop dedicated to relocating people with problems, as you'll remember from his relationship with Walt towards the end of the series. He wants $125,000 to help Jesse disappear... on top of the $125,000 he owes when Jesse decided not to continue the lawsuit during the original series' run. Even with all the money he has right now, Jesse is $1,800 short and Ed isn't moving. There's a whole thing with Ed calling the police, and Jesse weirdly thinks he's faking it (he's not), but they eventually come to terms. "I'll get your money for you," promises Jesse.

So he lures his worried parents out of the house and asks them to pick him up (it's not at the location he gave them), then goes inside and steals two old guns from the family safe. He takes the guns to the Kandy Welding Co. headquarters in the middle of nowhere, but has to wait while the two old boys spend some of their new money on strippers and cocaine on themselves and their friends. While you're killing time, how about another flashback?

This time we see the welder making the frame that Jesse is attached to and Todd and Kenny ask him to have more reinforcements and whatnot. The welder Neil says he's fine. So they bet on whether Jesse can break the device, which means they let him walk from end to end, with the wires violently pulling him back every time he reaches the end. When Neil asks exactly why they tied up a guy in their lab, Kenny doesn't go into detail. "It's a mouse," he says. "That's all you need to know." As the camera pans out, we see a photo of Brock and Andrea pinned to the wall. 🇧🇷Odor!)

In the present, just as the ladies are leaving, Jesse walks into the room and asks a favor: Can he take $1800 and leave without incident? But Neil is drunk and ready to go. He mocks Jesse's gun and challenges him to a quick draw contest. As the other men disperse, Pinkman and Neil face off: just as Neil is reaching for his gun, he is shot by Jesse with a pistol hidden in his jacket pocket. Neil's friend Casey pulls out another gun, but Jesse kills him too. He then takes the driver's licenses from the other boys, threatens to pick them up from his house if they tell the police anything, and lets them go. "Dude, you're on fire!" says one of them while running away. (There are!)

So Jesse takes Neil's money, blows up the HQ and leaves as flames rise into the night.

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FORWARD AND UP🇧🇷 If you miss Heisenberg yourself, you will like this part. Another flashback takes us to a hotel and attached restaurant: the RV is parked outside and Jesse makes his way into town to the salad bar. However, Walt coughs a lot and doesn't feel like eating much. There are some very typical (and funny) exchanges between the men, but then Walt blanches when Jesse says it will take them about six months to sell the available lot. "Your family will get every penny, Mr. Blanco," the young man assures him. "It doesn't matter how long it takes." There's another funny part about how Walt completely forgot that Jesse graduated from high school, but then The Bald Dude gets brooding. "You're very lucky, you know that?" he says. "You didn't have to wait your whole life to do something special." (SIDE: This sequence also gives us Pinkman's only line from the film: "Yes, bitch!")

In the present, somewhere with a lot of snow, Ed pulls over and lets Jesse out of a secret compartment in his moving truck. Pinkman wears a knit sweater and looks a lot more grown up than ever. "It's quiet," she says, looking at all the trees and white-covered hills around her. He gives Ed a note to mail (we later learn it's addressed to Brock), and the Fixer agrees to mail it from Mexico City when he gets there in a month. Ed also questions Jesse about the details of his new identity and says goodbye: "Good luck, Mr. Driscoll."

Jesse is in Alaska as Mike suggested. As he gets into the waiting car and drives away, he has a vision of Jane in the passenger seat. In the film's final flashback, the two talk about "where the universe is going," which Jesse finds poetic but seems silly to her, even though she took it on herself at one point. He says it's far better to choose your own destiny.

And then we see Jesse smiling slightly as he walks towards the fate he has now decreed for himself.

Now it's your turn. Please rate the film via the poll below, and then go to the comments with your detailed thoughts!

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