Eirene: Ottawa Cremation: What to Expect (2023)

Planning a cremation for a loved one can be challenging, but knowing ahead of time what to expect can make the process easier for grieving families. In this article, we explain the cremation arrangement process in Ottawa.

Make arrangements for cremation in Ottawa

At Eirene, we make cremation procedures as easy as possible. One of the ways to do this is through ouronline platform. But before we take any action, we encourage people to visit ourwebsiteLearn moresobre eirene, our team and the services offered. Visitors can also browseOnline Urnenkatalogor look at themThe blogmihelp centerfor resources and orientation at the end of life.

Fix packs can be found by clicking Services or Pricing in the top menu of the site. In Ottawa and Ontario,cremationmiaquarium formationservices are offered. Eirene has tooprepaid brokerage services. We value transparency, so all packages are detailed and easily accessible for customers.

Start the online reservation by clicking "start organizing" in the upper right corner. A menu will open with options to choose the services that best suit your needs.

You can fill out the form yourself or contact our team for help. Arrangements can be made entirely by phone or by email if preferred.

A licensed undertaker from our team receives the client's information over the phone and walks them through the steps to complete the provincial arrangements. Face-to-face meetings with our licensed funeral directors are possible but would be scheduled at Eirene's office in downtown Hamilton, which is over a five-hour drive from Ottawa. So online or by phone is probably best for families in Ottawa. Note: Eirene's customer service is primarily provided in English.

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After initial arrangements, our team contacts our partner's location in the suburbs of Orleans, Ottawa. The partner site will take care of the transportation, cremation and return of the cremated remains to the family. Most of the correspondence with the family is conducted through Eirene. Our team works on behalf of the client's family and coordinates services with our partner location.

Broadcast to your loved one in Ottawa

Once our team receives confirmation from a family that we should care for the remains of their loved one, our team contacts our partner to initiate services. The removal service will then take the body to our partner facility in Orleans. If a family wishes to provide ID or witness the cremation, we will do so at our partner location.

It is also legal in Ontario to transport the body of a deceased person in a private vehicle. Families can contact Eirene's team to discuss these arrangements if they wish.

Documentation and logistics in Ottawa

Eirene handles most of the cremation planning and details such as gathering family information, completing and submitting paperwork, collecting payments, obtaining death certificates, etc. in Ottawa. Eirene offers a cremation package for those who wish to attend the cremation of their loved one. This will be arranged on the partner site. (More information in the "Certificate" package.Here).

If a person dies outside of Ottawa, cremation can take place in the city. This depends on the location and logistics and will be decided on a case-by-case basis. Eirene also has partners in North Bay, Peterborough, Burlington and Hamilton. Services may be referred to partners in one of these locations if a death occurs nearby.

World class cremation services

Whether you are organizing for yourself or someone else, your peace of mind is our priority.

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cremation process

After the procedures, transfer, payment, etc. have been dealt with, the body of the deceased is prepared for cremation.

Medical implants (such as pacemakers) that contain a battery or pose a safety hazard to crematorium staff are removed in preparation for cremation. Other metals such as fillings or joint replacements remain in the body. Combustible materials such as clothing also remain in the body and are burned during the process. The jewelry will be removed and returned.

A deceased person's body is cremated by exposing it to flames and extreme heat in a chamber. High temperatures (approx. 760 to 980 degrees Celsius / 1400-1800 F) reduce organic matter and leave behind bone fragments and non-combustible materials (e.g. surgical or dental metals). After a cooling period, the metal is removed and recycled. The bone fragments are pulverized to produce a coarse gray or brown powder known as cremated remains or ashes. The cremated remains are placed in an urn or container and returned to loved ones.

Bring back the ashes of your loved ones

After the cremation, our team will contact members to arrange for the ashes to be handed over to their loved ones. We arrange a meeting with the families to ensure a personal handover. Cremated remains are never left on a person's door or in a mailbox. This is the default setting at all locations.

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Necessary documents for the settlement of real estate matters (e.g. death certificate) are sent by express mail to the family of the deceased. Our team will also provide you with a link to create an account with Eirenes Partner,cadence, a company that serves families with autopsy matters that need to be handled by the executor or authorized decision maker (relatives).

Cost of cremation in Ottawa

The cost of cremation in Ottawa is comparable to other major cities in Canada. For an in-depth discussion of cremation prices in Ottawa and other Ontario cities, see this article titledCost of Cremation in Ontario. To see the cost of Eirene's Cremation Packs,Click here.

Funeral payment plans available for Ottawa families

At Eirene, we believe in providing access to quality and affordable euthanasia. That's why we work togetherwith affirmative, a service that provides financial assistance to clients and allows families to pay for desired services in installments with no hidden or late fees.

Families can apply for a payment plan that best suits their financial situation. Eirene will also help support families who are not eligible for an Affirm payment plan.

Find out more about additional financial assistance for burial in the following articles. Families can also contact Eirene by phone (647-955-4375) or email (support@eirene.ca) for information.

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Direct pricing - no hidden fees

We are committed to honest prices. We do not charge additional mileage, device removal, or cremation fees.

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What Makes Eirene's Ottawa Cremation Arrangements Unique

Filtering through the endless service options available can be challenging when planning a funeral. At Eirene, our goal is to simplify funeral planning while providing ongoing support and advice to the bereaved.

Our online platform allows families to have as much or as little to do with their loved one's final arrangement. Families enter the necessary information, pay a flat fee, and let Eirene do the rest. There are no surprises or hidden fees. Our complete cremation and memorial packages are detailed and easily accessible for clients.

Questions about cremation in Ottawa?

If you have any questions about cremation in Ottawa and all of the communities we serve in Ontario, please email our team atsupport@eirene.caor call 647-955-4375.


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