Film Screenings Round Rock Drive-In | Blue Starlite (2023)

1. Buy a car lock for 2-

(there are several parking spaces for 2 options)

2. Add additional passengers using ADD ON TIX

3. Check out additional discounts and extras!

NO CASH BACK: We provide dates for catching up with the weatheror an urgent need for change!
If we have to cancel screenings without FORMAT OPTION, we will refund the tickets.


Q: Do you run a drive-in theater?

A: Yes we are! BUT WE ARE THE FIRST AND ONLY MINI-CITY DRIVE-IN. So we're not in a giant field with 300 spaces for cars. We're right in the middle of town and we've created a very Austin, very intimate drive-in theater. We currently have 45 parking spaces for each show. We use a CUSTOM GIANT 32 ft Pop UP screen and our base in our satellite location is a cool 12 ft custom trailer for tickets and discounts!

Q: What kind of movies do you show?

A: We're a bit like BOB FM, we play whatever we want. Our cardinal rule is that it must be something done in the times of entries. 1940 to recent releases. Name your favorite pop culture classic and we'll feature it!

Q: How much is it?

A: Entry is $8 per person. If you want to drive in, you can buy a seat for 2 or a seat for 2 with a discount. Turn on the FM radio while driving. THERE IS NO CHANGE IN THE DRAGON LIKE THESE CRAZY KIDS IN THE 50'S OK, WE TRUST YOU!


Q: Where are you?

W:Our Round Rock location is right in the middle of Old Settler's Park on the ROCK N RIVERwater park down the street from Salt Lick, Dell Diamond andfuture indoor water park.

Q: Can I buy a ticket at the box office if it's sold out online?

A: The short answer is YES. We always have room to squeeze in a fewextra cars on sold out nights. Just come down and we'll park you in our lounge and whenall our reserved cars are inside, we will find a way to let you in. Just be prepared for itparked in every place we can find to squeeze you! We will stop ticket sales whenthe number of cars we think we can provide them with an "ideal" spot 2.

Question: Can I walk or ride a bike?


Oh yes. We have enough space for cyclists and walkers! For optimal enjoyment, we recommend bringing an FM radio and chairs with you! WE DO NOT OFFER PLACES! Buy your TIX to enter/bike at the gate - $8 PER PERSON or on our website if you want a lunch box! If nights are billed as DUAL, you get 2 movies! !! If it is a single function, the ticket is only valid for that function.

P: Psy?

A: Does he bark at cars, people, the moon, you, or movies? He did not see. If not and he is on a leash and is the friendliest dog in the world, then yes!

Q: Can I just show up? Should I make a reservation?

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W:You can!*Usually we have extra space for a car or two, but in the worst case you can park in the pedestrian area, walk in and watch a movie in the pedestrian area around our pedestrian speaker system.

*Please note that our large car slots are LIMITED!

GATES OPEN 1 HOUR BEFORE THE FIRST MOVIE and 30 minutes before the start of the second part of the evening. Reservations must be made 30 minutes before the performance begins.

You can enter with chairs and blankets for $8 paying at the gate! This price includes BOTH SINGLE AND DOUBLE FUNCTIONAL NIGHTS!

Q: What time should we arrive?

W:Doors open 1 hour before the start of the performance, except for late performances: 30 minutes before the start of the performance for an extended period of time.

*see note above for the second feature film of the evening - (21:30 or later, film screening time is 30 minutes for feature films).

Q: Can I book a specific SEAT or ROW?

NO. It all depends on the SIZE OF YOUR CAR and WHEN YOU
COME. LARGE CARS are always in the BACK ROW, small cars go in front, unless you arrive after all the front seats are occupied.

Q: Can we sit in the back of our truck?


W:Oh yes! Just tell your dealer that you want to park your taxi outside. BUT PLEASE OBSERVE THE RULE NOT TO GET OUT OF YOUR CAR, AND ONLY TO OUR LARGE LINE OF CARS BEHIND THE BACK!

See Hatchback for small/medium cars:

On sold out and busy nights we are unable to accommodate small cars parked backwards with the shutters up. Thank you for your understanding and please plan accordingly.

All available back-in/slug back view rooms are available on a first come, first served basis and we cannot guarantee that they will be available on a specific night or time. The ones that are available are on the left and right of the screen (in the BIG CAR AREAS). We recommend all medium/small cars view the video from inside or in front of the vehicle for the best viewing experience. BIGGER CARS (aka TALL CARS): SUVs, JEEPs, CUVs, etc.... can look into a LARGER ROW OF CARS from the HOLDER with a BIG CAR SEAT TICKET!

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Q: Can I bring my full size SUV?

A: You can, but this may affect where we can place you on the lot.


Q: What do we have?

A: Popcorn, soda, candy, we have a limited amountconcession offer due to current world situation but you can also bring your own food if you want!

Q: Can I bring my own food and drinks?

Oh yes. But we'd appreciate it if you'd buy some of our treats, because that's what keeps us going. But WELCOME to BYOB!

Q: How do smores work?

(We usually have it - CURRENTLY NOT!)

A: You get a smores kit with everything you need to build a smores sandwich. We'll build a little fire at the snack stand to cook marshmallows on skewers, then you'll put them all together like summer camp - camp outside, but in a drive-in theater instead!


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Q: Can we leave the car to ventilate or heat part of the time?

Engines may currently remain on due to our window policy!

A: It's a free country, right? as long as you are not right next to pedestrians or the sound of the engine does not disturb the cars around you, BUT ALL ENGINES MUST BE OFF DURING THE MOVIE!

Q: Do you have a SUBSCRIPTION?

A: Our evening movies do not have subtitles. However, we are always open to special discounts on private nights for small or large groups who want to watch a movie with subtitles on screen. We've done quite a few evenings with English subtitles over the years.

Q: What's your format?

A: We show Hi-Def Digital projection on a 32 by 4 meter wide screen, some videos are in 4K!

Q: Can I book entry just for me and my darling? Or for my group of friends and what can we show?

Oh yes. And we make it very affordable, you will be surprised. See our rental section. We want anyone who wants a private night out in the driveway to be able to get one! We also have very reasonable prices for larger companies from 10 to over 100! You bring the DVD of your choice and we'll do the rest! See our rental menuHER!



We allow the use of Groupons in our RR space as admission tickets. However, we only upgrade to car slots based on arrival time based on what is available just prior to the start of the show after being parked by our customers buying regular tickets online. If we do NOT sell, we will do our best to upgrade you ($10) and push your car.


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What was the drive-in cinema for? ›

A drive-in theater or drive-in cinema is a form of cinema structure consisting of a large outdoor movie screen, a projection booth, a concession stand, and a large parking area for automobiles. Within this enclosed area, customers can view movies from the privacy and comfort of their cars.

How do you set up a drive through cinema? ›

Start a drive-in movie theater by following these 10 steps:
  1. Plan your Drive-In Movie Theater.
  2. Form your Drive-In Movie Theater into a Legal Entity.
  3. Register your Drive-In Movie Theater for Taxes.
  4. Open a Business Bank Account & Credit Card.
  5. Set up Accounting for your Drive-In Movie Theater.
May 5, 2023

How many drive-in movies are in Arkansas? ›

Arkansas maintains three active drive-in theaters, but a new theater has emerged in Little Rock. All four are embracing our new normal by hosting special events. Get out and see a movie! You'll be safely partitioned in your car while also getting to enjoy a sense of community with others in the lot.


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