Ford Edge: Reversing Camera Reset - Vehicle History (2023)

gilberto smith

February 11, 2021

Ford Edge: Reversing Camera Reset - Vehicle History (1)

Who knows how many rear fenders have been saved by rear cameras? And not just fenders, but our children's bikes too.

But, as with any new feature, you'll find aFord tables, sometimes it's just one more thing to deal with.

So how do you reset the rear camera on a Ford Edge?

There are two ways to do this. The first is soft reset, where you simply press the camera's reset button for 10 seconds. Then a hard reset takes place, during which the car battery is disconnected.

Next, we'll be a little more specific. We'll also cover how exactly a reversing camera works, how to care for it, and how to resolve some of the most common issues Ford Edge drivers have with these devices. If you need to know or are just curious, read on.

Looking at the rear camera

We don't need to say the basics. It is aCamera connected to a monitor so you can see what's going on behind you. But the trick with the rear camera is that the image is mirrored before it's sent to you.

In this way, you will be able to overcome obstacles more easily. If a trash can appears on the left side of the monitor, it will be on your left, behind the car. If you see a cinder block on the right, you're on the right.

The most common problems people have with these cameras aren't really flaws, it's just the lens that is dirty. This happens all the time if you live somewhere that gets a lot of rain, snow, or mud.

All you have to do is remove large chunks of mud and dirt and spray somewindshield washer systemo Rub rubbing alcohol onto your microfiber cloth and wipe in a circular motion. You shouldn't have any trouble seeing now.

How to reset your rear camera

Ford Edge: Reversing Camera Reset - Vehicle History (2)

Soft reset really couldn't be easier to perform. You have two cameras, each with its own reset button. All you have to do is hold this button for about 10 seconds and that should reset your camera to its factory settings.

If you can't find the reset buttons, check your owner's manual. It may be in a different location depending on the model year and trim level. The hard reset is a bit more complicated, but it's still pretty easy. That's how it's done:

  • Make sure the car is turned off; then open the hood.
  • disconnect your battery. When disconnecting, you must always pull the negative cable first and then the positive cable.
  • Start the car and honk or turn on the headlights to drain excess energy.
  • Turn the car off again.
  • Reconnect the battery. This time, first positive, then negative.

A hard reset resets all electronics in almost all vehicles and you can use it whenever your system is responding.

But this will reset everything including radio stations, bluetooth connections, system settings, everything. So try to find the reset button first.

comfort is key

One of the best things about the Ford Edge is not just how easy it is to drive, but also how easy it is to maintain. Many issues can be fixed with a single button. When reading thevehicle historyThis is always a nice touch when buying a car.

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nancy on January 28, 2022

Restore backup monitor

I have a 2021 Ford Edge. I bought it in December 2021. My backup display suddenly became unstable so I called the dealer and they said to have it checked by the service department. But they were very well booked so I saw the youtube solution posted online about holding the reset radio buttons on the monitor and it looked so easy so I tried it and it worked great! Back up your camera online and be up and running in less than 5 minutes! So thanks to everyone who posted this helpful tip!

(Video) 2011-2019 Ford Explorer Backup Camera Not Working? Check This BEFORE Replacing It!

Nancy C Stultz August 2, 2021


We had the rear camera issue and resetting it is very easy. The button they are talking about is the power button on the radio and you press right arrow or search at the same time. Press and hold these 2 at the same time, the screen will go dark and then come back. We've had to do this several times since we bought the vehicle, but it works. You have to understand that we are facing a SEL Edge 2021.

Kimberly on December 4, 2021

Edge backup camera solution

On the 21 Edge: Simultaneously press and hold the radio's power button and the right seek/fast-forward button. These controls are located below the tablet's screen, near the danger button. After holding BOTH BUTTONS AT THE SAME TIME, the screen will go dark and then come back with the Ford logo. After the system reboots in about half a minute, you should be good to go!

Al Guglielmi on February 18, 2022

Reverse camera not aligned

My 2021 Ford Edge Titanium's security camera suddenly pointed down at the top of my license plate, limiting my view and setting off the warning alarm because the sensor detected the ground. Ford service claims that the camera works normally. Two different traders refused to adjust the position. Help!

TechnologyA on March 30, 2022


Ford are grounded, so first disconnect the negative battery post and then the positive post. There is also a recall for most rear cameras that will either reprogram your imaging module or replace and realign it for you.

Sean on December 3, 2021


No one knows where the rear camera soft reset is located and no one has answered questions. Some answers said to look in the manual. And there is still no mention of a reversing camera in the owner's manual!

(Video) ford edge reverse camera upside down repair

Sean on March 2, 2022


I did the reset as mentioned by holding the radio's power button and fast forwarding at the same time. The camera is currently working. Sadly, I now see more boards than ever before. How do I fix this now?

TechnologyA on March 30, 2022


Ford vehicles are grounded, so disconnect negative first, then positive. Most rear cameras also come with a recall that involves reprogramming or replacing and realigning their imaging module.

larry a on February 2, 2022

reset rear camera

Nancy or others restarting the camera using radio controls. Indicate the order of operation you perform according to the character. Light? car walking? Thanks.

eilene wyatt November 22, 2021

edge owner 2012

About the rear camera. Nancy's solution worked for me! It's simple, effective. Pressing the option button and right arrow simultaneously will reset the camera. Thank you Nanci!

Davi on January 31, 2022

(Video) 2012 Ford Edge Rear Camera Install - The Easy Way - Save You A Few Dollars - Customization Job

Repair rear camera Ford Edge 2012

I tried the power option button and pressed the right seek button at the same time. SYNC has been updated, but the camera image is still upside down.

franco dixon September 4, 2021

2011 ford edge

The backup camera sometimes works and doesn't, and the headlights on this car suck. You can't see well at night with these headlights.

ed. on July 25, 2022

2017 Kante

All pressed on both buttons, reset, nothing, battery disconnected, still nothing, says rear camera not available, any ideas?

Davi on June 28, 2021

Where is the reset button?

You claim a soft reset is easy by pressing the button, but you never say where that button is.

alberto baynard on July 22, 2021

I don't know anything yet, but I'm going to take the test now. I'll be back soon and tell everyone what's right or wrong.

Stefan Schuster September 30, 2021


Every mechanic I know says "Negative is first in, last out". Be careful when doing this in reverse.

(Video) Rear View Camera | Ford How-To | Ford

Lori on June 1, 2022

Where is the reset button?

Where exactly is the reset button on a 2016 Ford Edge Sel? Please someone answer this.

joe argo am 4. november 2021

I can't fix the reset button on my 2012 Ford Edge

By invoice on November 21, 2022

restore to default

The soft reset worked. Cheers 😀

roger clave am 7. agosto 2021

2012 rear view camera reset button

Where is the reset location?

gilberto smith

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(Video) Ford Sync 3 Backup Camera stays on while in Drive?! How to fix!
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How do I reset my reversing camera? ›

How do I reset my reverse camera?
  1. Make sure the car is turned off; then pop the hood.
  2. Disconnect your battery.
  3. Turn your car on and press the horn or turn the headlights on to drain the leftover energy.
  4. Turn the car back off.
  5. Reconnect the battery.

Is there a recall on Ford Edge backup camera? ›

The rearview camera software will be updated by a dealer, or through an over-the-air (OTA) update, free of charge. Owner notification letters were mailed on April 29, 2022. Owners may contact Ford customer service at 1-866-436-7332. Ford's number for this recall is 22S14.

What causes backup camera glitch? ›

Hardware Damage: One of the most common reasons for getting blurry images/videos from a backup camera could be related to hardware damage. Chances are that its lens, stabilizer, or any other component could be broken. Dirt on Lens: Also, if the cameras lens is dirty or has accumulated fog, water, etc.

How do I reset my camera settings manually? ›

Using a RESET button
  1. Locate the RESET button on the camera. Notes: ...
  2. Use a pointed object (like a ballpoint pen) to press and hold the RESET button for 2-3 seconds.
  3. After 2-3 seconds has elapsed, release the RESET button.
  4. After the camera reboots, the time and date settings menu will be displayed.
May 12, 2022

How do I reset my camera manually? ›

The following procedure is also known as manual reset.
  1. Power off the camera.
  2. Remove the battery pack.
  3. Remove the button-sized lithium battery.
  4. Allow the camera to remain without power for 30 seconds.
  5. Reinsert the button-sized lithium battery.
  6. Reinsert the battery pack.
  7. Power on the camera.
Jan 22, 2021

What is the most common problem with a Ford Edge? ›

Here are the most common problems for its different model years:
  • Faulty Airbags. ...
  • Faulty Brake Booster. ...
  • Clicking Noise from Wheel Area. ...
  • Illuminated Door Ajar Light. ...
  • Air Conditioning (A/C) Overheats. ...
  • Faulty Windshield Seal. ...
  • Fuel Tank Defect. ...
  • Transmission Failure.
Oct 7, 2022

How do I reset my 2012 Ford Edge backup camera? ›

How to Reset Your Backup Camera
  1. Make sure the car is turned off; then pop the hood.
  2. Disconnect your battery. ...
  3. Turn your car on and press the horn or turn the headlights on to drain the leftover energy.
  4. Turn the car back off.
  5. Reconnect the battery.
Feb 11, 2021

What is the major problem with Ford Edge? ›

Most Common Problems with the 2022 Ford Edge

The most common complaints to the NHTSA relate to the 2022 Ford Edge's hands-free power liftgate at the rear of the SUV. One of the complainants reports an injury. There is also a reported injury that was sustained when the airbags of the SUV did not deploy in a crash.

Why does my back up camera not work sometimes? ›

If restarting the camera, screen, or vehicle doesn't return the feed to normal, and the issue appears to happen suddenly or randomly, there may be a loosened electrical component such as a fuse or cable.

Why is my reversing camera not working? ›

If it's a Wi-Fi camera, and it was working previously, it likely means that the camera needs a reset. You could also check the wiring and the power cables as a wire may have frayed or a cord may have become disconnected. These are just a few of the potential issues that your rear vision camera system may face.

How much does it cost to fix a backup camera? ›

The average cost for park assist camera replacement is between $581 and $597. Labor costs are estimated between $62 and $78 while parts are priced at $519. This range does not include taxes and fees, and does not factor in your specific vehicle or unique location. Related repairs may also be needed.

Do back up cameras need to be calibrated? ›

A rear view only camera typically does not require calibration. However, if the rear view camera is part of the 360 system, it does require calibration after certain events. It is important to always follow OEM procedures for repairs and calibration.

How do I realign my backup camera? ›

This means adjusting the angle of the camera includes adjusting the entire mount. Simply remove the mount from the vehicle and place washers, bolts, or grommets between the mount and the surface of the vehicle and refasten the screws or bolts.

Is camera calibration necessary? ›

The camera calibration aims to determine the geometric parameters of the image formation process [1]. This is a crucial step in many computer vision applications especially when metric information about the scene is required.

Does Factory Reset help camera? ›

Getting back to factory settings of your Android phone can fix all the Camera app errors and problems. Make sure you back up your contacts, photos, videos and other data before factory reset process.

What does resetting camera settings do? ›

The Reset Default or Camera Settings function only resets the shooting settings of the camera to their default settings.

How can I solve my camera problem? ›

Fix your Camera app on your Pixel phone
  1. Step 1: Clean your camera's lens & laser.
  2. Step 2: Restart your phone.
  3. Step 3: Clear the Camera app's cache.
  4. Step 4: Update your apps.
  5. Step 5: Check if other apps cause the problem.

Does Factory Reset delete camera roll? ›

Factory reset or hard reset deletes complete data and settings from your iPhone. All your photos, videos, contacts, call logs, passwords, messages, browsing history, calendar, chat history, notes, installed apps, etc., get deleted from the iOS device. It cleans your iPhone as new with no personal information at all.

How do I refresh my camera? ›

Android ™: Tap on the gear icon of the camera you want to remove and then tap on the bin icon at the top right corner.
How can I hard reset my camera?
  1. Hold down the 'Pair' button.
  2. Turn the camera off while holding down the 'Pair' button.
  3. After 10 seconds turn the camera back on, while still holding down the 'Pair' button.

What is the difference between camera settings reset and initialize? ›

Performing Camera Settings Reset will reset the settings made at the time of shooting to the default settings, while performing Initialize will reset all other settings that were not reset using Camera Settings Reset.

Why has my reversing camera stopped working? ›

One of the most common reasons for receiving blurry images or for a rear vision camera to stop working completely is related to hardware damage. If the lens, stabilizer, or any other component is broken, then you will experience problems.

How can I reboot my camera? ›

Method 1: Restart the Camera

Exit the camera app on your Android. Wait for few minutes and then tap on the Camera icon to restart the app.

What to do if backup camera is not working? ›

If it's a Wi-Fi camera, and it was working previously, it likely means that the camera needs a reset. You could also check the wiring and the power cables as a wire may have frayed or a cord may have become disconnected. These are just a few of the potential issues that your rear vision camera system may face.

How do I reset my blinking outside camera? ›

Instead, there's a small reset button on the bottom side of the camera. You can use this button if your camera isn't connecting to the internet or has other issues. Step 1: Press and hold the reset button for 30 seconds. Step 2: The camera should now be back at its factory defaults mode.


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