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gopromakes amazing action cameras that you can use to capture beautiful images of your outdoor adventures. These cameras have many features to make your photos look great, such as HyperSmooth, SuperPhoto, etc. However, you may still feel the need to do a littleeditionin post-production to make your footage more attractive to you and the audience, be it on Instagram, Youtube or any other social media site.

GoPro Studio– GoPro Official Free Video Editing Software (PC and Mac compatible) is one such tool that can be used to edit your high-quality GoPro footage. You can use it to trim videos, add background music, speed up or slow down the motion of your images, compress large videos, and much more...

Can I still download GoPro Studio?

GoPro Studio, the software that comes with the GoPro Quik desktop app, has beendisruptedin August 2019 by the company. With the release of version 2.4, you will no longer receive this app together with Quik from the official GoPro website. This could be because GoPro thought the improvements to the Quik app would satisfy their customers and they would no longer need GoPro Studio.

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In reality, however, this is far from what actually happened! Many users have complained about the lack of various features, speed, and convenience in the GoPro Quik app. To cite one example, Quik is not capable of creating GoPro-style time-lapse sequences from still images like GoPro Studio does.

MI.Fortunately, you can still get the GoPro Studio software. Although the app is no longer available on the official GoPro website, you can still download it from various third-party websites to your Mac or Windows desktop. However, we recommend that you download from trusted sources only for security reasons and to avoid viruses or other malicious content on the Internet.

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Download do GoPro Studio (Mac and Windows)

Although GoPro Studio can no longer be downloaded from the official GoPro website, there are still ways to access the software. However, care should be taken when downloading from third-party websites due to the risk of downloading malware or other harmful software. Sites like TechSpot, Softonic, and Softpedia are generally considered trustworthy, but it's important to take precautions.

Here are the download links:


Download GoPro Studio (Mac and Windows)


Descargar GoPro Studio (Windows)


Download GoPro Studio (Mac)

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Fortunately, there are other free video editing software options for Mac and Windows users. Programs like DaVinci Resolve and Shotcut can handle basic editing tasks and are a good starting point for anyone new to video editing.

When choosing video editing software, consider your specific needs and experience.GoPro Quik for Desktopit's a good choice for beginners or those who simply need to edit GoPro footage. For more advanced features or support for professional editing, it may be worth exploring other software options.

Learn more about how to download Studio for Windows 10:GoPro Studio for Windows 10: Download, Install, Edit.

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GoPro Studio Review

GoPro Studio is free, easy-to-navigate video editing software from GoPro. Using it, you can add or remove music, cut out unwanted sections, create fast or slow motion, add graphics and text, and much more. It is a perfect choice for beginners because unlike other complicated video editing software, GoPro Studio is quite easy to use.

What we like:GoPro Studio allows you to easily edit recorded videothree easy steps:

  1. view and crop,
  2. edit and
  3. Export.

So you can import, cut, edit and export videos in minutes! It's worth noting that you can play around with the 4K video editing feature.advanced featuressuch as adding background music or trimming videos. You can also create great time-lapse playback sequences from photos to videos. The software has a lotedit templateswhich help you edit video with good edit points, add music, titles and songs and even audio tracks in your phone library. The GoPro Studio Dual Hero system also supports immersive 3D video editing.

What we don't like:Although GoPro Studio is useful software that is easy to use and learn, free and accessible to all, it only haslimited and basic functionscompared to professional editing software like Adobe Premiere and Final Cut. It is mainly aimed at beginners in the field of video editing.

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Alternatives to GoPro Studio

As GoPro has discontinued the GoPro Studio app, this means you will no longer receive support or updates from the company. But do not worry! There are many other apps on the market, many of which are more advanced and easier to use than GoPro Studio. I'll let you know about some of my favorites in this section.

Are hereFive great alternatives(free and paid) for GoPro Studio:

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  1. Adobe PremierePro
  2. Final Cut Pro X
  3. Filmora Wondershare
  4. Adobe Premiere Elements
  5. iMovie

Possibly the most popular video editing application for Windows and Mac OS,Adobe PremiereProIt is a very complete and powerful software.Final Cut Pro X, meanwhile, is Apple's exclusive video editing application for Mac users, which allows you to edit your GoPro videos comfortably and smoothly.

If you want software that is extremely easy to use and learn,Filmora Wondershareis the right choice for you. And for video editing beginners who don't need the high-end functionality of Adobe Premiere Pro,Adobe Premiere Elementsit is perfect!iMovieIt is also a very popular free and easy to use video editing app from Apple, but it has pretty basic features.

look hereThis articlefor a detailedediting guideuse theseAlternative GoPro Studio Apps.

Continue reading Comparison of the best editing programs for GoPro:GoPro Quik vs Studio: which is better?

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Is GoPro Studio the same as Quik?

GoPro Studio y Quik sontwo different appsdeveloped by GoPro for various purposes. GoPro Studio was desktop software for editing and creating professional-looking videos from GoPro footage, with advanced features like color grading, audio mixing, and titling. On the other hand, Quik is a desktop and mobile app designed for quick and easy video editing and sharing, with limited editing features and templates for creating short videos.

In 2019, GoPro announced that it would discontinue GoPro Studio and focus on developing Quik as its flagship video editing app. Quik offers basic editing features like trimming, trimming, and adding music and text to videos. It also includes several ready-to-use templates to create videos with different styles and themes.

Although GoPro Studio and Quik are video editing applications developed by GoPro, they have different purposes and features. If you need advanced editing features, GoPro Studio is no longer available for download and you may need to look into alternative video editing software. However, if you need to make quick and easy edits to your GoPro footage, Quik is a great option.

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Should you download GoPro Studio?

I have personally tested all these video editors and many more. but i useFinal Cut Pro XmiAdobe Premiere ProXedit all my videos regularly.Because?Because these apps offer many useful features and people develop plugins to extend the possibilities. They also get frequent software updates and there are plenty of free online tutorials and guides to learn more about them.

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BoxThis articleIf you are looking for an easy guide on how to edit your GoPro videos with GoPro Studio.

Thank you for reading!

I hope this guide helped you download GoPro Studio. 🙂

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