Historic properties in Round Rock (2023)

Historic architecture in Round Rock

Round Rock Historical Collectionis a project documenting the history of Round Rock, funded in part by a grant from the Texas Historical Commission. These pages are an adaptation of the original 1991 print version.

The architecture of the older parts of Round Rock is fairly typical of this period, although there are a few notable exceptions. Most of the buildings in the center were built between 1876 and 1881, although a few buildings have façades that date to later eras. Round Rock is also fortunate to have a well-preserved housing stock that shows the evolution of middle-class housing styles from the 1870s to the present day.

Downtown business district

Most of the historic buildings along Main Street from Mays to Lampasas are of simple limestone construction. The door and window arches show little decorative features, and the roof lines are unadorned or have tight spandrels.

Historic properties in Round Rock (1)

105 E Main Street
Built 1876
The roof line is horizontal and is a few centimeters from the building surface.

Historic properties in Round Rock (2)

121 E Main Street
Built in 1877
This building originally had a second floor. Filled windows on the second floor are visible on the Lampasas side of the building. Like 105 E. Main Street, the door arches are relatively flat and symmetrically spaced.

Historic properties in Round Rock (3)

112 E Main Street
Built 1880
This building and 109 E. Main have high door and window arches and unadorned cornices.

Historic properties in Round Rock (4)

109 E Main Street
Built 1885

In the city center there are three two-story buildings that are architecturally much more advanced than the others.Old Kostefabrik, zOtto Reinke buildingIMasonic lodge/old post officeit has detailed parapets, ornate window and door arches, and much finer masonry than the surrounding buildings. The Masonic Lodge is of particular interest with its intricate pattern of oddly carved limestone bells and brick detailing on the front.

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Historic properties in Round Rock (5)

Old Kostefabrik
100 E Main Street

Built 1880
This building has been restored. The arch on the left was removed when a car dealership operated there. Work is almost undetectable.

Historic properties in Round Rock (6)

Otto Reinke building
102 E Main Street

Built in 1889
It is worth noting the stylistic similarity of the decorations above the windows of the second floor of this building and the Masonic Lodge. the stone door arches are much more extensive than other buildings in downtown Round Rock.

Historic properties in Round Rock (7)

Masonic lodge/old post office
S. Maysstraat 107

Built 1878
Unique in the city center are the brick details of this building.

Historic properties in Round Rock (8)

AND Nelson co.
201 E Main Street

Built 1900
The pressed-metal façade of this building is painted an attractive yellow color with maroon and gray trim.

ZYES. Nelson Co. Buildingit is also much more stylish than other downtown buildings. The simple limestone structure is decorated with a façade by Mesker Bros. of pressed iron and tin. This prefabricated front is a perfect example of a popular style from the early 20th century. The building directly across the main street also has a two-story pressed-metal façade constructed around 1907.

Historic properties in Round Rock (9)

Round Rock Mercantile & Economy Drug Store
202 and 204 E. Main Street

Built in 1907
The second floor, not clearly visible in this photo, is a pressed metal façade with a rough-hewn pattern of limestone blocks.

Historic properties in Round Rock (10)

116 E Main Street
Built 1879
A common feature of the brick façades from the 1920s is the diagonally laid brick on the attic (upper part of the building). The lighter stone is newer than the rest.

The two red brick buildings in the center are also limestone and their facades were built around 1920-1930. Patterned brick was a popular style in the 1920s, and these buildings are a good example. Sill details116 E. Headthey are very beautiful and multi-layer bricks118 E. Mainis very interesting.

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Historic properties in Round Rock (11)

118 E Main Street
Built 1920
Note the texture of the brick pattern. An interesting effect is produced by alternating raised and recessed areas.

Historic properties in Round Rock (12)

Palm House Museum
212 E Main Street
Built in 1873

It is the oldest building on Main StreetPalm House, now the Visitors' Center of the Chamber of Commerce. This house was moved to this location from the Palm Valley area in 1976. The house is a well-preserved example of early frontier architecture: a central doorway and entrance hall with a roughly square space on each side. The armory runs the length of the house and the roof slopes steeply.

Historic properties in Round Rock (13)

108-110 E. Main street
Built 1880
The original ornate façade of this building was later covered with wood for the image of the Old West. In the 1990s, the owners renovated the façade
(left: 1938, middle: 1982, right: 2004).

Historic properties in Round Rock (14)

Historic properties in Round Rock (15)

residential areas

Historic properties in Round Rock (16)

Historic properties in Round Rock (17)

Nelson-Crier House (Woodbine mansion)
405 E Main Street

Built 1895-1900, renovated 1931
Perhaps the most interesting house in Round Rock is the Nelson-Crier house east of downtown. The building was originally in the Queen Anne style with a three-story tower in the north-east corner, but was later renovated in a neoclassical style with a porch with Ionic columns. The base of the tower remains a large terrace. Drastic renovations did not detract from the beauty of this house. (left: north-east corner around 1900, right: north-west corner around 2006).

Historic properties in Round Rock (18)

Home of Captain Nelson Merrell
1516 E. Palm Valley Blvd.

Built 1870-71

ZMerrell husISaint Charles Hotelthe buildings were built around the same time and are very similar architecturally. Basically, these are two-story versionsPalm Houseon a slightly larger scale and are examples of the Greek Revival style of the Reconstruction period. The square columns supporting the second-story porch and roof refer to the columns of classical Greek Revival houses.

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Historic properties in Round Rock (19)

Saint Charles Hotel
8 Chisholm-pad

Built 1850?

Historic properties in Round Rock (20)

Historic properties in Round Rock (21)

Old inn
901 Round Rock Avenue
Built 1848-1853
(left: circa 1910; right: 2010.

Other local houses with a similar construction to the Palm House includeOld inn, zDom Barkera-Porteraand others in the neighborhood east of the city center. All these buildings date from 1850-1880.

Historic properties in Round Rock (22)

Dom Barkera-Portera
Ledbetterstraat 1113
Built in 1872?

Historic properties in Round Rock (23)

In the 1890s, houses were built in a more modern style. Below are photos of a few buildings probably from before 1930, although only a brief overview of the local residential architecture has been made. The houses pictured below require further research and study before their architectural and historical significance can be accurately assessed.

607 E Main Street
Built 1920

Historic properties in Round Rock (24)

president's house,
Trinity Lutheran College

Georgetown 104
Built in 1906?
House built for the Chancellor of Trinity Lutheran College (now occupied by Trinity Lutheran Home). The house originally stood on the corner of Hoofdstraat and Collegestraat.

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Historical markers in and around Round Rock

Round Rock Historical Collectionis a project documenting the history of Round Rock, funded in part by a grant from the Texas Historical Commission. These pages are an adaptation of the original 1991 print version.

Historical markers in and around Round Rock

There are many marked landmarks in and around Round Rock. Some are designated as Texas Historic Landmarks and are located inNational Register of Historic Places. Most of these properties have a National Register plaque, sometimes with explanatory text.

Currently, Round Rock has no official plaque indicating its local designation, but several properties have descriptive plaques provided by civic groups.Click on the image above to open a larger map. More information on some properties can be found atHistoric architectureside.



Texas historical marker with explanatory text
Texas Historical Medallion (no text)
Local history marker with explanatory text
KeyTypSite name and location
1TAndrew J. Palmhuis(Visitor Center / Chamber of Commerce)
212 E Main Street
2LDr. Dick Gregg statue
212 E Main Street
3TSO. Nelson company
201 E Main Street(early commercial building)
4TOtto Reinke building
102 E Main Street
5TOld Kostefabrik
100 E Main Street(marker on the May side of the building)
6TSam Bass' place of death
In the grass on the south side of Round Rock Avenue, west of Mays Street. The actual place of his death is directly across Round Rock Avenue.
7LBaylor Busongeluk statue
Northeast corner of S. Mays Street and Baghdad Street. Established by the Norwegian Road Commission.
8TNelson-Crier House
405E. main Street
9TTrinity Lutheran College
1000 E Main Street(on the north side of the street, east of College Street)
10TFort Kenneysa
South side of Palm Valley Road (US 79).
11TDuplicated filets
2 miles east of Mays Street (US 81) on the south side of Palm Valley Blvd. (US 79)
12TPriests of the Confederation
West of the Old Settler's Park entrance, 3 miles east of Mays Street (US 81) on the north side of Palm Valley Blvd. (US 79).
13TPalm Valley Lutheran Church
2500 Palm Valley Blvd
14TAnti-Slavery Union Baptist Cemetery
1 mile north of Palm Valley Blvd. (US 79) on the east side of FM 1460.
15MWashington Anderson-huis(cud)
Heritage Centre Circle, ved Palm Valley Blvd. (US 79), 0,2 mili na wschód od Mays Street (US 81)
16LTexas Baptist Orphanage
Near the northeast corner of N. Mays (US 81) and Palm Valley Blvd. (US 79)
17TPioneer builders
On the east side of N. Mays Street (US 81) south of Palm Valley Blvd. (US 79) opposite the entrance to First United Methodist Church
18TOld stagecoaches
901 Round Rock Avenue(no label)
19MFast residence
603 Chisholm-pad.
20TRound Rock
On the bridge over Brushy Creek on the Chisholm Trail north of Round Rock Avenue (RM 620). There is a local historical marker nearby.
21LRound Rock Town (Old Town)
On the north side of the creek, east of the Round Rock marker
22TWilliam M. Owen Hus-complexes(St. Charles Hotel)
8 Chisholm-pad
23TRound Cemetery
At the entrance to the cemetery on the north side of Sam Bass Road, half a mile west of IH-35. There is also a burial marker for slaves here.
24TSlave Cemetery
Halfway west of Round Rock Cemetery on the north side of Sam Bass Road, half a mile west of IH-35. The Round Rock Cemetery marker is also located here.
25TBratton Cemetery
On the south side of West Louis Henna Blvd., 1 mile west of IH-35

Historical center

Round Rock Historical Collectionis a project documenting the history of Round Rock, funded in part by a grant from the Texas Historical Commission. These pages are an adaptation of the original 1991 print version.

Downtown Historic District (State Register District)

The Round Rock Historic Commercial District was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1983. This area consists of buildings at 100 and 200 blocks of E. Main Street and the Old Post Office/Masonic Lodge at 107 S. Mays Street. Many of the buildings in the district were built in the late 19th century when the railroad first extended into the area, stopping just outside the original town of Round Rock on the Chisholm Trail. More information about the history of the city center and its buildings can be found inThe story of a new cityIHistoric architecture.Click on the image to see a larger map.

KeyAddressConstruction date
1Old Kostefabrik
100 E Main Street
2Otto Reinke building
102 E Main Street
3104 E Main Street1949
4-5Main Street 108 and 110 E1880
6112E. main Street1880
7114 E Main Street1880, façade replaced around 1960
8116 E Main Street1880?
9State Farmers Bank
118 E Main Street
10Z Mercantile
200E. main Street
11Economy pharmacy
204E. main Street
12Dr. Dick Gregg's office
206E. main Street
ok. 1930
13Palm House/Chamber of Commerce
212E. main Street
1873, moved to present location 1973
14AND Nelson co.
201-203E. main Street
15Carrington Building
121 E Main Street
16119 E Main Street1881
17117 E Main Street1891
18115 E Main Street1885
19113 E Main Streetabout. 1920, extensively modified
20111 E Main Street1916-1925
21109 E Main Street1885
22105 E Main Street1876
23103 E Main Street1876
24Kopperal's (pary) Shop
101 E Main Street
24bus depot
105 S. Mays
25Old post office/masonic lodge
S. Maysstraat 107

Historic Sites in the Chisholm Trail area

Round Rock Historical Collectionis a project documenting the history of Round Rock, funded in part by a grant from the Texas Historical Commission. These pages are an adaptation of the original 1991 print version.

Historic property on Chishom Trail Road

Round Rock was first built where the Chisholm Trail crossed Brushy Creek. The crossing at low tide was marked by a table-shaped round stone, from which the town was named. Later the railroad was extended to a point 3/4 mile away and commercial activity followed. The area near the station then became known as New Town (now Śródmieście), and the original settlement as Old Town.Click on the image to open a larger map.

KeyAddressConstruction date
WAval husChisholm-pad 20
Everyday boutiqueChisholm-pad 18
ok. 1920
ok. 1920
BSellström House
14 Chisholm Trail / 1 Poker Alley
Built in 1853-1864
1934 and 1971 additions
CSaint Charles Hotel
Harris Post Office/Shop

8 Chisholm-pad
ok. 1867-1870
ok. 1851-1853
DHarris/Ross House
4 Chishom-pude
c. 1849, later additions
miDom Sansoma
2 Chisholm-pad
before 1890; probably between 1850 and 1876
Demolished c. 1973, annexed 2006
FHerberga i Brushy Creek
1000 N. IH-35
around 1850-1862, later additions
GMcNabb's Fast House
603 Chisholm-pad
c. 1853, later additions
HTodd's Residence / Mexican School
716 Chisholm-pad
circa 1934 scrapped 1994
IRound Rock

Urban signs

About plates

Historic properties in Round Rock (28)New information boards about historic buildings were installed on 24 buildings in the downtown shopping and historic district. The signs describe the architecture, history, and some of the businesses they've dealt with. Check them out the next time you're downtown and learn some of the stories behind downtown Round Rock.

The plaques were funded in part by a Certified Local Government grant from the Texas Historical Commission, and the frames were donated by the Faulk family. For more information about the program, please contact usJoelle Jordanat the Department of Planning and Development Services at 512-218-5428.

Check the signs

Click on the address below to open the poster in PDF format.

AddressConstruction dateName
S. Maysstraat 1071878Old post office/masonic lodge
100 E Main Street1880Broom factory building
101 E Main Street1876Steam shop
102 E Main Street1878Otto Reinke building
103 E Main Street1876William's merchant
104 E Main Street1947Round Rock Insurance
105 E Main Street1876Johnson's pharmacist
108-110 E. Main street1880Dieckman's groceries
109 E Main Street1884Grocery store in the lounge/Stockbridge
111 E Main Street1887Red Front
112 E Main Street1881Morgan Miller Store
113 E Main Streetok. 1920Photo studio / Marble works
114 E Main Streetok. 1882Supermarket
115 E Main Street1884Johansen's lounge and billiards
116 E Main Street1879Parlor/rock theaters
117 E Main Street1886Robinson/Messen building
118 E Main Street1920State Farmers Bank
119 E Main Street1881Montenico building
121 E Main Street1882Carrington Building
200 E Main Street1907Round Handel
201-203 E. Main Street1900I. Purchase of Nelson's equipment
202 E Main Street1907Weiss Store/Carlson's Tørvarer
204 E Main Street1907Economic pharmacy / Permanent pharmacy
206 E Main Streetok. 1930Dr. Dick Gregg's office

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Historical guide and walking tour

Historical guide to Round Rock in the city center - 11×17(pdf)


Historic properties in Round Rock? ›

Round Rock is known as the “Sports Capital of Texas” in part because it is home to the Round Rock Express baseball team, a Triple-A affiliate of the Texas Rangers that play at The Dell Diamond.

What is Round Rock Texas known for? ›

Round Rock is known as the “Sports Capital of Texas” in part because it is home to the Round Rock Express baseball team, a Triple-A affiliate of the Texas Rangers that play at The Dell Diamond.

What are people from Round Rock called? ›

Round Rock, Texas
DemonymRound Rockers
Time zoneUTC−6 (Central (CST))
• Summer (DST)UTC−5 (CDT)
ZIP Codes78664, 78665, 78680–78683
26 more rows

Why do they call Round Rock Round Rock? ›

Mr. Oatts decided to rename the town Round Rock in recognition of the large rock in the middle of Brushy Creek where he and Jacob Harrell spent much time sitting and fishing; thus on August 24, 1854, the name of Round Rock was officially given to the community (Scarbrough 310).

Is Round Rock TX a good place to live? ›

1 place to live in America according to a recent assessment by Bankrate. The annual list cited a variety of reasons Round Rock found itself at the top of the ranking, including a low relative cost of living, local tech job market, high resident well-being ratings and abundance of public parkland.

What is the most expensive neighborhood in Round Rock TX? ›

Most expensive Round Rock neighborhoods
  • Brushy Bend Park.
  • Forest Ridge / Old Oak Estates.
  • Wood Glen / Behrens Ranch.
  • Sendero Springs.
  • Wildwood Country / Oak Bluff Estates.
  • Tri-View Estates / Forest Creek.
  • Highlands at Mayfield Ranch.
  • Teravista West.

Is Round Rock expensive to live? ›

The cost of living in Round Rock, TX is 1% lower than the state average and 8% lower than the national average.

What is the ethnicity of Round Rock? ›

Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone, percent(a) 0.2%
Two or More Races, percent 10.3%
Hispanic or Latino, percent(b) 27.7%
White alone, not Hispanic or Latino, percent 50.5%
57 more rows

What is the ethnicity in Round Rock Texas? ›

Round Rock Demographics

White: 71.19% Black or African American: 9.64% Two or more races: 8.24% Asian: 7.43%

What are some fun facts about Round Rock? ›

In 1854 it was given the name Round Rock in tribute to the large round rock situated in the creek which marked a low-water crossing area for wagons and cattle. After the Civil War ended, Jesse Chisholm included Brushy Creek as part of his cattle trail. The route became the well known Chisholm Trail.

What is the sister city of Round Rock Texas? ›

In 1985, Round Rock established a sister city relationship with the City of Lake Macquarie, Australia.

Why is dime box called dime box? ›

The settlement was first known as Brown's Mill, but was later changed to Dime Box. The origin of the name "Dime Box" stemmed from a custom in which early settlers would use a large, wooden box to forward and receive mail, or order small items from a carrier on horseback traveling to nearby Giddings.

What is the most prestigious neighborhood in Texas? ›

Highland Park

The richest city in Texas is Highland Park. An upscale area located in central Dallas, this beautiful neighborhood possesses both a small-town atmosphere and big-city amenities.

What is the coldest month in Austin Texas? ›

January is the coldest month of the year, with normal highs in the low 60s and normal lows in the low 40s. Sub-freezing temperatures occur on average about 12 days per year at Camp Mabry but 33 days at Bergstrom. Very strong arctic fronts will occasionally usher in frigid conditions to central Texas.

What is the most affluent part of Texas? ›

With a population of around 9,900 according to the recent census report, this city has become an attractive destination for those seeking luxury living. Known as the wealthiest place in Texas, Fair Oaks Ranch offers its residents fine dining options, top-ranking public schools, and high incomes.

Where do billionaires live in Austin? ›

Old Enfield is the richest neighborhood in Austin. Situated only 2.7 miles north of Downtown, this area's unique character is defined by its historic architecture, elegant estates, and well-furnished public parks.

What is the richest big city in Texas? ›

Without further ado, here are the top 10 richest cities in Texas this year:
  • Alamo Heights.
  • Lucas.
  • Lakeway.
  • Coppell.
  • Heath.
  • Highland Village.
  • Bee Cave.
  • Keller.
Mar 1, 2023

What is the most affluent area in DFW? ›

Highland Park is the richest neighborhood in Dallas. Located just north of downtown, this affluent neighborhood is the epitome of luxury living. In addition to its stunning assortment of upscale residences, this area is also home to walkable streets and an abundance of recreational centers.

Where is the most expensive place to live in Austin Texas? ›

#1: Rollingwood
  • Typical home value: $2,536,509.
  • 1-year price change: +8.8%
  • 5-year price change: +88.6%
  • Metro area: Austin-Round Rock-Georgetown.
Nov 21, 2022

Where is Round Rock compared to Austin? ›

Round Rock, Texas, with a population of more than 120,000, is located 15 miles north of Austin in the Central Texas Hill Country. Round Rock is the 31st largest City in Texas, according to the 2010 U.S. Census Bureau data.

How much do you need to make to live in Round Rock? ›

Living Wage Calculation for Austin-Round Rock, TX
0 Children1 Child
Living Wage$18.15$34.90
Poverty Wage$6.53$11.07
Minimum Wage$7.25$7.25

Is Round Rock a good place to retire? ›

Round Rock named one of nation's best cities to retire.

What is the crime rate in Round Rock Texas? ›

The chance of becoming a victim of either violent or property crime in Round Rock is 1 in 47. Based on FBI crime data, Round Rock is not one of the safest communities in America. Relative to Texas, Round Rock has a crime rate that is higher than 80% of the state's cities and towns of all sizes.

What is the fastest growing city in the US? ›

Here are the 15 fastest-growing cities by population, according to the Census Bureau:
  • Georgetown, Texas—14.4% (July 2021-July 2022)
  • Santa Cruz, California—12.5%
  • Kyle, Texas—10.9%
  • Leander, Texas—10.9%
  • Little Elm, Texas—8%
  • Westfield, Indiana—7.7%
  • Queen Creek, Arizona—6.7%
  • North Port, Florida—6.6%
May 18, 2023

What is the population of Round Rock in 2023? ›

As of May 2023, Round Rock's estimated population is 129,141 (within the city limits).

Who settled Round Rock Texas? ›

Round Rock is on Interstate Highway 35 in south central Williamson County, sixteen miles north of downtown Austin. It was established on the north bank of Brushy Creek where Jacob M. Harrell, formerly a blacksmith in Austin, set up his shop during the spring of 1848. The settlement was first called Brushy Creek.

Is Round Rock considered Austin? ›

Round Rock is considered a part of the Greater Austin metropolitan area.

Is Round Rock considered North Austin? ›

At the far north of what's generally considered North Austin sits the town of Round Rock. Located about 20 miles from downtown Austin via I-35 or Mopac, this community is named for a literal "round rock" that marks the spot in Brushy Creek where wagons crossed during 19th-century Chisholm Trail cattle drives.

Is Round Rock Texas rural? ›

Until a few decades ago, Round Rock was a small, rural community. Today it is the second-largest city in the five-county Austin-Round Rock metro area.

What is the Round Rock Challenge? ›

There are over 20 miles of hike and bike trails currently in Round Rock, expanding to 26 miles in the next several years. This is a self-guided program to complete on your own schedule and you can start at any time. You can take part on your own, with your dog, with family, with friends and with co-workers.

How hard is Round Rock water? ›

Water Hardness Texas
CityAVG Hardness PPM / mg/LAVG Hardness Grains per Gallon
Round Rock18711
San Angelo28816.9
39 more rows

How fast is Round Rock growing? ›

The City of Round Rock has released 2020-2040 population projections, which estimate that Round Rock's population will grow by almost 75,000 people over the two decades.

What river runs through Round Rock TX? ›

The "round rock" of Round Rock, Texas sits in Brushy Creek. Brushy Creek ultimately merges into the San Gabriel River.

What is Dallas sister city? ›

Dallas and Monterrey have been sister cities since 1988.

Is Round Rock Texas diverse? ›

Step Up to Talent. Located in one of the fastest growing metros in the country, Round Rock has a diverse population of more than 124,000 and a median age of 33. With more than 62,000 new residents moving to Central Texas annually, Round Rock's population is expected to continue growing rapidly.

What is the history of cut and shoot Texas? ›

During the tense dispute, a small boy at the scene reportedly yelled "I'm going to cut around the corner and shoot through the bushes in a minute!" For whatever reason, the boy's words stuck and residents later adopted them as the town's name. Naming a town, even unintentionally, is quite an achievement.

Why is ten cents called a dime? ›

“Dime” is based on the Latin word “decimus,” meaning “one tenth.” The French used the word “disme” in the 1500s when they came up with the idea of money divided into ten parts. In America, the spelling changed from “disme” to “dime.”

Who founded Dime Box Texas? ›

Records suggest that the mill's builder was Joseph S. Brown, and the settlement of British-Americans, Czechs, Poles, Germans, and German-Wends which grew up around the mill was known as Brown's Mill (Browne's Mill, Brown's Mills).

What's the wealthiest county in Texas? ›

In Texas, Midland County situated in the Permian Basin claims the No. 1 spot with a $59,283 per capita investment income, $279,569 median home value and $126,631 per capita income.

What is the top 1% in Texas? ›

But how much do you actually need in your pocket to have a top one percent income? In Texas, an annual income of $641,400 will land you at the top, while $258,400 only gets you to the top five percent.

Is Austin Texas in Tornado Alley? ›

AUSTIN, Texas — Texans are no strangers to tornadoes - Texas is located within the infamous Tornado Alley, which consists of states within the Great Plains. According to the National Weather Service, Texas had the largest annual average number of tornadoes between 1992 and 2021.

Is Austin humid or dry heat? ›

Austin Texas has a subtropical humid climate. Summers are hot and temperatures frequently average 90°F but Austinites have learned to enjoy the hot weather through relaxing dips in the city's many natural swimming pools and of course the AC.

What is the hottest it's ever been in Austin? ›

The highest temperature measured during that time was 112 degrees Fahrenheit (44 Celsius) on August 28, 2011 and September 5, 2000. Since 1939 the temperature extremes were observed at Camp Mabry.

What is the poorest part of Texas? ›

Nearly all residents of Carrizo Hill live below the poverty line. The local poverty rate in the town stands at a staggering 96.9%, compared to the statewide poverty rate of 14.0%. All data in this story are five-year estimates from the U.S. Census Bureau's 2021 American Community Survey.

What's the richest cities in Texas? ›

Top 10 richest cities in Texas
  • Southlake.
  • Bellaire.
  • Alamo Heights.
  • Lucas.
  • Lakeway.
  • Coppell.
  • Heath.
  • Highland Village.
Mar 30, 2023

How many millionaires live in Austin Texas? ›

The city's millionaire residents grew 105% over the last decade to 30,400. Overall, New York remains the wealthiest city in the world, with approximately 340,000 millionaires calling the Big Apple home.

Is Round Rock TX expensive? ›

The cost of living in Round Rock is 92.8% of the national average.

What is Round Top Texas famous for? ›

Round Top, Texas is well known to antiquers, shoppers, and folks looking for a little retail therapy. It's a blink-and-you'll-miss-it kind of town. That said, during the spring, fall and winter, it's full of people bustling around the Round Top Antiques Show, looking for great deals and rare finds.

What is special about Round Top Texas? ›

Home to the region's most celebrated antique festival and arguably the state's tastiest pie, this historic spot should be on your 2023 travel bucket list.

What is Dallas most expensive suburb? ›

1. Highland Park. Highland Park is the richest neighborhood in Dallas. Located just north of downtown, this affluent neighborhood is the epitome of luxury living.

What is the largest race in Texas? ›

Hispanic Texans may be state's largest demographic group, census data show | The Texas Tribune.

What is the largest ethnicity in Texas? ›

In 2021, 40.2% of the population was Hispanic and Latino American of any race, 39.3% non-Hispanic white, 11.6% Black or African American, 1.5% American Indian or Alaska Native, 5.1% Asian, 0.2% Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander, 0.4% some other race, and 3.1% two or more races.

What is the most famous landmark in Texas? ›

1. The Alamo. The Alamo is a historic Spanish mission originally known as Misión San Antonio de Valero, in San Antonio. It is the site of a famous battle during the Texas revolution in 1836.

Why is Round Top called Round Top? ›

The community was originally known as "Townsend," after early settler Nathaniel Townsend (whose original house still exists as the Texana Lodge). Later the town was renamed "Round Top", since the postmaster lived in a house with a round tower.

What part of Texas is famous? ›

The Alamo is a famous historical site in the city of San Antonio, Texas. The site is best known as the location of the Battle of the Alamo in 1836, which took place during the Texas Revolution. It has become an icon of Texas history and culture.

What happened to the boneyard in Round Top Texas? ›

The Boneyard at Round Top has a new owner, and we could not be any prouder. What is next for us? Well, David has earned some much-needed downtime and the Barnwood Builders Team is hard at it working on our future. Unfortunately, that means we will not be at the Round Top Antique Show in the Spring of 2021.

What do people wear to Round Top? ›

Comfortable shoes - sneakers or boots - from cowboy to rain boots to fringe to designer, boots are almost styled with everything from dresses to jeans/pants to shorts and skirts. Hat (and sunglasses)- any kind of hat will do but felt and woven hats are everywhere and can help keep you shaded from the sun.

What is the best day to go to Round Top? ›

The best strategy is to go the first day of the show if you are on a mission for a distinctive piece. But for all other items, go on the final day when you can get them at a good price. “We went the very last weekend of the show on a Saturday.


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