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Tag thankssurpassed 1 billion monthly active usersin the last quarter of 2021. The immense popularity of the platform is phenomenal. These days, you can't go online without watching at least one TikTok video of someone dancing or lip-syncing to the latest song or song. And music/music is probably on the rise because of TikTok. It seems that everyone can learn how to gain followers on Tik Tok. But with so many people hoping to become the next TikTok sensation, it will take more than a 10-minute video to rise to stardom.

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How to gain followers on TikTok quickly

Want to know how to quickly gain followers on TikTok? Going viral is more of a challenge today than it was a few years ago. You need a lot of followers to get enough views and shares to go viral, but to get a lot of followers you need real TikTok success. TikTok's growth is the proverbial chicken and egg situation. But don't despair. You can try strategies to increase your chances of getting 5 (or 10) minutes of TikTok fame.

How to Get Tik Tok Followers by Jumping on a Big Trend

Know the trends and you will know how to quickly gain followers on Tik Tok. Follow a trend and you can instantly connect with tons of users who are already participating in a hashtag challenge, the hottest dance routine, or a viral TikTok spot or duet.

Niche trends tell you what your target group is currently in. Check out the competition to find out what's happening in your community. Choose a trend based onwhich hashtags are spreading like wildfireor which song was played continuously.

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AfterLooking to TikTok's Year 2022, these were the most popular songs worldwide:

  1. "Ginseng Strain 2002" by Yung Lean
  2. "Sunroof" de Nicky Youre e Dazy
  3. "Hold on" por WILLOW ⌚
  4. "Beat Automotive So So So So Viral" on WZ Bear
  5. Cool for Summer by Demi Lovato
  6. „Jiggle Jiggle“ – Duke & Jones e Louis Theroux
  7. „Me Porto Bonito“ by Bad Bunny & Chencho Corleone
  8. About Lizzo's Damned Time
  9. "L$d" by Luclover 😵
  10. "One Night in Medellín" by Cris Mj

The report also lists 2022 trends that are uniquely from TikTok:

  1. It's corn!
  2. swing swing
  3. renaissance eyes
  4. Horatio
  5. waves
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How to Quickly Grow Your TikTok Followers by Landing on Your Page

As TikTok's main discovery tool, For You Page (FYP) is one of the best “hacks” on how to quickly gain followers on Tik Tok. FYP presents the user with a source of personalized content selected by the TikTok algorithm according to the user's interests.

Review your FYP to identify niche trends to use when creating content, creating a video based on your audience's interests. Your content may also appear in the FYPs of others in your niche. You can quickly gain followers by appearing on users' FYP.

The same TikTok report lists thoseTop trends for your favoritesin the United States and around the world.
These are the For You Faves in the US for the past year of 2022:

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  1. @amauryguichon - Build a giant chocolate giraffe
  2. @chipmunksoftiktok: Squishy is back from hibernation!
  3. @rosalia - You can tell a lot by the way you chew gum
  4. @blondebrunetteredhead - A dead version of Riverdale's "Jiggle Jiggle"
  5. @little.blooming.women - "I'm just a baby!"
  6. @schmoyoho - The beloved Corn Kid is being remixed
  7. @lizzo - Lizzo is helping us learn the choreography for About Damn Time
  8. @itsmrfinn: A Teacher's Elaborate Annual School Song Reveal
  9. @jimmydarts - Helping Tom recover
  10. @meltandpour – The Final Showdown: Lava vs. Ice

These were the most popular trends of 2022 around the world:

  1. @ox_zung - Stitch Expert shares tricks that blew us away!
  2. @rosalia - Rosalía shows us all how to kill
  3. @lav_sings - He blows us away with his #DesiTok singing skills
  4. @robertirwin - Australian conservationist saves baby blue-tongued lizard in the outback
  5. @thammachad: Thai iconic creator receives award in all his glory
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How to get TikTok followers for free: join a challenge

He canUse tiktok challengesto get free TikTok followers in two ways. Participating in a challenge is one of the fastest strategies to gain followers on TikTok. The second option is to create your own challenge.

  • Challenges are everywhere on TikTok, so the real challenge is choosing the right one. Keep these tips in mind when choosing a challenge:
  • Find a challenge that your audience/community also participates in or gets involved in.
  • Choose a challenge that you can easily recreate and add a personal touch.
  • Participate in a challenge that your target audience can relate to.
  • Choose a challenge with a hashtag that is relevant to your audience and community.
  • Choose a challenge with TikTok music/sound trends in your niche/industry.

When creating a challenge for your brand, take the opportunity to promote your branded hashtag. Make the challenge easy enough for your followers to recreate. Remember, encouraging participation should be fun. You can also encourage participation by turning your branded hashtag challenge into a contest. And don't forget to encourage your followers to invite more people to join.

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How to reach new audiences to gain new followers

Reaching new audiences as a strategy to gain new followers on Tik Tok is possible thanks to the active subcultures on the platform. tiktok hasHundreds of subcultures to connect withand waiting to discover your brand. According to TikTok:


Subcultures are groups of people with beliefs or ideas that differ from those of the dominant culture.. These underwater worlds represent passionate communities that converge around similar interests, aesthetics and values ​​on the platform. These hipster tribes have exploded onto TikTok, drawn to the platform to celebrate their quirks and share their passions with like-minded users. Here they can openly express themselves and discover new ways to spark their enthusiasm. In many cases, they also converge on products and can organically elevate brands to cult status.”

Targeting the right subcultures can open the door to new audience demographics. The right subcultures can help your brand become instant TikTok fame.

Remember, authenticity is key when connecting with a subculture relevant to your brand. Once you've got their attention, make sure they value your credibility and your brand's authentic alignment with their subculture.

The 2022 TikTok Report lists the following trending TikTok communities in the United States:

  1. BookTok
  2. CarTok
  3. FilmTok / MovieTok
  4. Pequeñas Empresas TikTok
  5. Sustainability Tiktok
  6. FarmTok
  7. Tik Tok National Park
  8. Hackers do TikTok
  9. Fallmuseum
  10. MaderaTok
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How to get followers on Tik Tok without posting with apps

Want to know how to get followers on Tik Tok without posting? You can try apps that offer TikTok followers packs. BeforeBuy followers to increase your brand popularity and visibility on TikTok, remember that this can damage your credibility. Your new real and potential followers can easily identify fake followers; if they do, they will likely lose interest in you.

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If your brand growth needs help gaining momentum, you can check out these apps.

gain free followers

Try these apps to get free followers on Tik Tok. Please note that there is no guarantee that the free followers you receive are real users. If you're just looking for a superficial follower boost, the following pages may help.

  • InstaFollowers. Just provide your TikTok usernameGet 10 Free Tiktok Fanson InstaFollowers. You can use the free service once a week to get new followers regularly. However, do not lose sight of your goal. Keep refining how to get Tik Tok followers who are authentic and genuinely interested in being a part of your community.
  • TikTokFollowing. You don't need to login to your account.Get 20 free followers on TikTok. You can also enjoy free TikTok likes and views from the site.
  • EnforceSocial. You must provide your username and email address.Get 100+ free followers on Tiktokby EnforceSocial. You can use the free service once per account every 24 hours. The company is new to the industry and is still building brand awareness, so take advantage of this offer while it's still available.

How to get massive Tik Tok followers

If you want to learn how to get massive Tik Tok followers, check out these sites and the different follower packages they offer.

  • SocialWick. You can buy anywhere in between10 and 20 thousand followerson SocialWick. The page has no established follower packs. You can specify your desired followers based on your budget and other requirements.
  • InstaFollowers. This is possible on InstaFollowersBuy 10 to 150 thousand non-TikTok followers. Delivery time depends on the size of your order, but starts within 2 hours of completing your purchase.
  • SocialViral. you can choose betweenPremium and high quality TikTok followerson SocialViral. Their follower packs range from 50 to 5,000 followers. You can expect delivery of your entire order within 1 hour of purchase. However, be aware that as spam activity, the platform can mean a quick and massive increase in your follower count.

When choosing a site to buy TikTok followers, keep the following in mind:

  • Make sure the site is secured with SSL. Look for the "https" protocol in the website URL.
  • Read customer reviews. Find out what customers are saying about the company's service and on trusted review sites.
  • Compare prices. Find 3-5 providers and compare their package prices.
  • Check the supplier's refund policy. A reputable seller should offer a money-back guarantee within a reasonable time after purchase.
  • Look for sites that offer a free trial. Take advantage of the site's free support offer, if available, to test the waters before making a purchase.
  • Look for sites that offer premium or active followers. Most providers offer "high quality trackers"; other sites give you the option to buy "premium" or "active" followers. Choose the latter to get followers who are actively engaged with your brand rather than fake or inactive profiles.
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How to get regular non-Tik Tok followers

Achieve real, lasting growthit requires knowing how to consistently gain followers on Tik Tok. The flow of new followers can be slow some weeks and fast others, but the most important thing is sustained growth.

(Video) I Tried Growing A TikTok Theme Page From 0 - 10K Followers In 7 days

With nearly 2 billion monthly active users, TikTok offers a huge audience pool for almost any niche or subculture. Reaching the right audience is the hardest part. You need precise targeting skills to help potential new followers discover your brand. Proper audience targeting is also crucial to getting your content in front of the audience every time you upload a new TikTok video. And you must do this every day to ensure continued growth.

A TikTok growth strategy expert can give you the boost you need to get the ball rolling. High Social uses advanced and proprietary artificial intelligence technology to give you an edge in targeting. Their team of TikTok experts use their marketing knowledge to promote your content to your target audience. High Social generates a real, genuinely interested and highly engaged following.

You can count on constant, high-quality commitment and therefore rewarding, long-lasting growth.Start growing your TikTok today!


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