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With over 100,000 residents, Round Rock is large enough to be a city in its own right, but is actually more like one large neighborhood than anything else. Other than the walkable main street area, the rest of the city consists of pleasant clusters of suburban homes, naturally marked by the many small streams that cut through the city.

Round Rock still has plenty of open space, as well as parks and hiking trails. Whether you enjoy a morning run or an evening stroll, you'll find the neighborhood is quiet and easy to get around on foot.

Crime is almost non-existent in Round Rock and the weather, while hot (this is Texas, after all) is not what you would expect inHoustonzGalveston. Apart from a few inches of snow here and there, winters are relatively cloudless. To get into the holiday spirit, the city will be setting up Christmas lights throughout the downtown area, giving the city a homely feel that locals love.

Round Rock TX real estate market

Round Rock Real Estatehas a price slightly higher than thatAustin, Texasarea average $470,000. The average price for a single family home in Round Rock is just under $500,000, but you can find properties ranging from $300,000 to $900,000.

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About two-thirds of Round Rock's real estate market is single-family homes, which makes sense in a city where nearly 60% of residents are homeowners. Round Rock properties typically consist of one or two-story three-bedroom homes with a one-car garage. Most of these homes were built in the last two decades, beating the recent rapid growth of the Round Rock real estate market. Eldesthouses for sale in Round Rockyou will see that they were probably built in the 1950s. It's a very new city, even by American standards.

Neighborhoods in Round Rock, Texas


Often ranked as one of the best neighborhoods in Round Rock, Texas, Teravista is a well-planned community with a new 18-hole golf course on a hill overlooking much of the Austin metropolitan area. Finding a home for sale here can be difficult as it is one of the fastest selling neighborhoods in Round Rock.

Whether you are a new young professional, a new family or a couple of empty housemates, you will be able to live an active life in Terawiści with plenty of parks and shops, all within walking and driving distance.

Overgrown Creek

If you want to live close to Austin without paying Austin prices, Brushy Creek is the neighborhood for you. Downtown Austin is only thirty minutes away by car. Brushy Creek is a mature neighborhood in Round Rock where many homes have passed through the hands of several families, many of whom have been kind enough to install swimming pools in their backyards. For kids, Brushy Creek is a paradise with several public swimming pools, as well as plenty of parks and playgrounds, perfect for burning up energy in the colder months.

Forest Stream

Forest Creek is a development with over 1,000 homes. This neighborhood has matured, so you'll find plenty of trees on every street that provide blissful shade in the summer. Many of the homes for sale in Forest Creek are built of brick and feature a wide range of architectural styles while providing enough space for large families. Forest Creek is also home to a golf course that, rather than being crammed into one area, meanders through the entire neighborhood.

Schools in Round Rock, Texas

Round Rock is served by the Round Rock Independent School District (RRISD or Round Rock ISD). The district covers both southern Williamson County and the northwestTravis County, along with parts of Austin andleave the park. Approximately 45,000 students are enrolled on RRISD campuses, including 32 elementary schools, ten middle schools, five high schools, and two alternative learning centers.

Most Texas students must live within the boundaries of a public school district. In some cases, students may attend a school of their choice, but this varies from district to district as well as out-of-district fees.

The best schools in Round Rock are:

Round Rock Elementary Schools

  • Cactus Ranch Elementary SchoolGR (PK-05)
    2901 Goldenoak Cir, Round Rock, TX 78681
    (512) 424-8000
  • Chandler Oak Elementary SchoolGR (K-05)
    3800 Stone Oak Dr, Round Rock, TX 78681
    (512) 704-0400
  • Linda Herrington Elementary SchoolGR (PK-05)
    2850 Paloma Lake Blvd, Round Rock, TX 78665
    (512) 704-1900
  • Fern Bluff Elementary SchoolGR (K-05)
    17815 Park Valley Dr, Round Rock, TX 78681
    (512) 428-2100

Liceum Round Rock

  • James Garland Walsh Middle SchoolGR (-6-08)
    3850 Walsh Ranch Blvd, Round Rock, Teksas 78681
    (512) 704-0800
  • Pearson Ranch Middle SchoolGR (06-08)
    8901 Pearson Ranch Road, Austin, Teksas 78717
    (512) 704-1500
  • Ridgeview Middle SchoolGR (06-08)
    2000 Via Sonoma Trail #5659, Round Rock, TX 78665
    (512) 424-8400

Liceum Round Rock

  • Early college Round Rock ISDGR (09-11)
    It is located at Austin Community College - Round Rock campus
    4400 College Park Dr, Round Rock, TX 78665
    (512) 704-1650
  • Liceum Round RockGR (09-12)
    201 Deep Wood Dr, Round Rock, TX 78681
    (512) 464-6000
  • Liceum Cedar RidgeGR (09-12)
    2801 Gattis School Road, Round Rock, TX 78664
    (512) 704-0100
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Frequently asked questions about real estate in Round Rock TX

What is Round Rock's zip code?

There are three zip codes that refer to the Round Rock neighborhoods.

  • 78664it covers almost everything on the south side of the city east of I-35.
  • 78665covering everything east of I-35, on the north side of the city and going down to the south side.
  • 78681covers everything west of I-35.

Where is the nearest commercial airport to Round Rock Texas?

Austin-Bergstrom International Airport is 25 miles or about 30 minutes from Round Rock.

What county is Round Rock in?

Round Rock entersWilliamson County.

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How far is Austin from Round Rock, Texas?

Austin is 30 kilometers south of Round Rock.

How far is Killeen from Round Rock Texas?

Killit is located approximately 50 miles northwest of Round Rock.

Ting and lave in Round Rock, Texas

Round Rock is like a great middle ground between Austin and Georgetown. It is quiet compared to Austin, some even call it Round Rockquiet Austin. It's a modern suburb, while Georgetown has a slow, rural vibe and Austin is the bustling capital of Texas. While Round Rock isn't as hip and bustling as Austin, here are a few things to look forward to if you decide to settle here:

Round Rock activities and attractions

  • Dell Diamond- Watch the Round Rock Express baseball team play live at Dell Diamond from April to September. Round Rock Express is an AAA affiliated Texas Rangers team that has been home to several notable players.
  • Kalahari Resorts and Convention Center- This 20,000 square meter water park is the largest indoor water park in the country! The Kalahari in Round Rock features 30 water slides, 20 swimming pools, an adults-only swim bar, a lazy river, and a wave pool. It's not everything! The Kalahari also has an indoor amusement park, Tom Foolerys, with escape rooms, thrill rides, ziplines and more!
  • Round Rock Donuts"If you're going to live here, you need to know what it's all about." Round Rock Donuts is a must-see iconic donut shop with Texas-sized donuts that will keep everyone coming back!

Parker i Round Rock

There are some excellent parks in Round Rock, but here are some of the city's most popular parks:

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  • Park of the Old Colonists- Round Rock is the self-proclaimed "sports capital of Texas" and most organized sporting events take place at Old Settlers Park. This 640-acre park includes a cricket ground, a golf course, a baseball complex with 20 courses and a softball complex with five courses, soccer fields, playgrounds, picnic areas, hiking trails and much more.
  • Play for all parks- With a mission to provide a "safe, fun place for children of all abilities to play and develop new skills", Play For All Park is a gated recreation area where children of all abilities can participate in creative and empowering activities. , for playing and developing fine motor skills, exploring and socializing with other children. This park includes a play area and swings for all ability levels, a Brushy Creek Village life skills area, a retreat pod, a rock band pod, a hillside/performance lawn, and a sensory sandbox.

Bor i Round Rock TX

Weather in Round Rock

Round Rock has a humid subtropical climate with humid and hot summers and relatively cool and mild winters. Average summer temperatures range from the mid-90s to the low 70s, although temperatures often reach the 100s. Winters are usually in the 60s to 30s, but a few nights with sub-zero temperatures are possible. Severe weather cannot be completely ruled out in Round Rock, but tornadoes are less likely here than in northern Texas, and it's far enough inland that hurricanes don't hit the city hard.

Healthcare in Round Rock

Thanks to Round Rock's proximity to the rest of the Greater Austin area, residents have access to first-class healthcare with some of the best hospitals in the area. Round Rock itself has few hospitals or care facilities, but St. David's Round Rock Medical Center has good reviews and a Level II Trauma Center on the west side of town. Baylor Scott & White, one of the nation's premier hospital systems, has three centers throughout the city, including one hospital on the North Side. There are also two more hospitals on the northeast side of Round Rock, Ascension Seton Williamson Hospital and Cornerstone Specialty Hospital.

Banen W Round Rock TX

Round Rock is a thriving city with several industries to be proud of, including advanced manufacturing, clean energy, computer and software development, and life sciences. Several large companies can be found here, such as Cintas, IKEA, Sears Customer Care, Texas Guaranteed Student Loan Corp, and TECO-Westinghouse, just to name a few. Round Rock is also home to the headquarters of Dell, an international computer and information company.

Transport Round Rock TX

The best way to get around Round Rock is by car, and several highways make it easy. I-35 is the main north–south thoroughfare through the city. From about the center of town and I-35, Hwy 79 begins to head east. State Hwy 45 runs horizontally through the south side of Round Rock and is also a toll road. Immediately east of Round Rock is State Highway 130 Toll Rd. For those looking to avoid traffic in Austin, State Hwy 130 Toll Rd can do so. Start closeGeorgetown. Hwy 130 Toll Rd winds directly east of Round Rock and runs south of Austin. Hwy 130 has a speed limit of 85 mph, the highest speed limit in the United States.

Round Rock is part of the Capital Metro (CapMetro) system and has a station near Main Street and McNeil Road. Passengers can buy bus tickets at the station, on the bus, online and even at local HEB supermarkets. The CapMetro fare system also works with ACC Green Pass and UT Pass.

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