The 10 worst cruise ship cabins to avoid (2023)

Many of us choose a holiday cruise to escape the stresses of everyday life and enjoy much-needed relaxation. Many people also enjoy the excitement of new ports, good food and the many different entertainment options on board. But whatever your destination, we all want the same thing from our cabin: a quiet, comfortable place to relax and rejuvenate for the next day. Here are the ten worst cruise ship cabins you want to avoid.

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1. Hidden view cabins

For me, there is nothing more relaxing than the view of the sea. While I don't mind having an inside cabin without a window, if I'm spending the extra money on an ocean view cabin or balcony, I want an ocean view!

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If you feel the same, please do not book a cabin with an obstructed or partially obstructed view. The sea view is obstructed by equipment (usually a lifeboat) or even part of another deck. Some blocked views are completely blocked, while others only block a small part of the potential view.

It's true that you can save money by booking one of these cabins, but remember that you don't mind giving up some or all of your ocean view for this discount.

Tip:Google your ship name and potential cabin number to find reviews of that particular cabin. Sometimes you're lucky and you'll find a tutorial on YouTube!

2. Cabins at the lifts

It may seem practical to book a cabin close to the lift; these corridors can be long, especially on megaships. But think twice before choosing a room near the elevator.

The 10 worst cruise ship cabins to avoid (3)

Not only do people congregate and talk at the elevators, some elevators are also noisyding! every time the door is opened. Cruise ship cabins are not completely soundproofed, so if your ship has elevators, you will hear them every time.

If you choose a room near the elevators, people will walk past your cabin day and night to get to their better located rooms, including all the revelers returning late at night after a night out in a nightclub.

Another point to consider is that larger elevators are often located next to the stairs. In these places, sound is transmitted even more from the tires above and below.

Choose a room a reasonable distance from the elevators and you'll enjoy a much more restful night's sleep.

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3. Cabins overlooking public areas

If you book a balcony or cabin with a sea view, you can be sure that your cabin will face the sea and no one will be able to see into your room when the curtains are open. But that's not always the case!

On some cruise ships, some ocean view cabins actually overlook the passenger promenade. So yes, you have a beautiful sea view. But there will also be other passengers passing right by your window (and perhaps looking right into your cabin - people are curious!)

To give more passengers the opportunity to have a window or balcony (and increase revenue, of course), some cruise lines have recently built ships with interior balconies or even interior windows!

The 10 worst cruise ship cabins to avoid (4)

Some Royal Caribbean ships have interior balconies overlooking Central Park, a public area with restaurants, shops and galleries. These inward-facing balcony cabins are spacious (and less expensive than ocean-view balconies), but they don't offer the privacy you'd expect.

So if you are looking for privacy, be sure not to book a cabin overlooking public areas.

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4. Booths above or below entertainment venues

Reserving a cabin one floor above or below the ship's entertainment venues, such as theaters or nightclubs, may seem like a good idea. It's always nice to be close to the action, isn't it?

If you're a night owl, you might think a room near the theater won't bother you. After all, you won't be back in your room until long after the last show is over. But especially if you like to sleep in or take an afternoon nap, you should know that there are also rehearsals in the theater; they can be as high as for show!

Those of us who go to bed early (orfamilies on a cruise with children) should avoid booking booths above or below theaters and other noisy entertainment venues.

5. Booths above or near a casino or smoking room

Just like choosing a cabin near the theater, choosing a room near the casino can cause a lot of undesirable noises in the room when you're trying to sleep.

The 10 worst cruise ship cabins to avoid (5)

However, passengers in rooms near or just above the casino stairs sometimes notice another problem: the smell of cigarette smoke. Many cruise lines allow smoking in certain areas of the casino. If you haven't booked a non-smoking casino cruise (check current regulations with your cruise line), you may not be happy with the location of your cabin.

The same applies to cabins located near smoking rooms or other designated smoking areas. While many ship smoking rooms are located in remote areas, this is not always the case. If you are sensitive to smoke (or prefer not to smell it), check the ship's deck plans for the locations of casinos and smoking rooms before choosing your cabin.

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6. Booths with too much traffic

Do you tend to get motion sickness orseasickness? Choosing the wrong cabin seat can make motion sickness much worse, especially if your cruise ship encounters rough seas.

Cabins located on upper decks or very far forward or aft often feel much more of the motion of the ship rolling in the waves. Although modern cruise ships are equipped with high-tech stabilizers that eliminate most of the rolls and rolls that can be felt on a smaller vessel, you will still notice a significant difference on the higher decks than on the lower decks, and from amidships to far forward or aft.

Instead, choose a cabin on the lower deck, amidships, to minimize the feeling of movement when resting.

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7. Neighboring cottages

If you are traveling with family or friends, having adjoining cottages can be a lot of fun! These rooms have lockable doors in the connecting wall that you can open when you want to hang out and close later for privacy.

The 10 worst cruise ship cabins to avoid (6)

However, if you are not traveling with friends or family in an adjoining room, a closed door may let in sounds from the adjoining cabin. Cruise cabins are generally not very soundproofed, so avoid booking a cabin with an adjacent door if you don't need it.

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8. Cabins near the anchor

If you are considering a cabin on the lower deck, near the bow of the ship, be aware that there is a lot of loud rattling noise when the ship is anchored.

The 10 worst cruise ship cabins to avoid (7)

Cruise ships do not drop anchor when docked in a port (actually moored at a pier), but must anchor in vulnerable ports.

Learn more:Everything you need to know about vulnerable ports while cruising

Even in vulnerable ports, cruise ships usually don't arrive in port until after sunrise, so early risers aren't woken up by the anchor chain coming out of the hatch. But it can interrupt a relaxing breakfast on the balcony, making you jump out of your chair!

Sailors who like to sleep should avoid low forward cabins, especially if the voyage includes multiple ports of call.

If you are booking a cruise on a small vessel, be aware that the rattling of the anchor chain can be difficult to avoid. One morning during mySailing in Alaska with UnCruise Adventures, officers dropped anchor at 3 am. All of us, the passengers, woke up with a jolt, regardless of the position of the cabin.

Tip:If you are sensitive to noise, pack somethingnoise-reducing earplugsmay help you sleep if you accidentally booked a noisy cabin.

9. Cabins just below the pool deck

If you don't like being woken up before dawn by crew members carrying sun loungers, it's best not to book the cabin located just below the pool deck.

The 10 worst cruise ship cabins to avoid (8)

On warm-weather cruises, the Arctic Deck is where most of the action happens during the cruise! Throughout the day, the deck of the Lido is filled with cheerful cruisers enjoying the sun, dancing to the rhythm of the party band and generally very noisy. If you are having fun there, there is a cheerful, festive atmosphere!

However, if you like to relax in your cabin or take a nap during the day, do not book a room directly below the pool deck. You'll regret it as soon as you lie down and start to wonder if elephants practice cha-cha. Overhead.

Early mornings are no better for those unfortunate enough to book cottages in this area. The ship's crew cleans the decks at dawn - that means moving the seats, washing the floors, and pushing the seats back again.

10. Guarantee cabins

Many cruise lines offer discounts on "guarantee" cabins. You choose the lowest category of cabin in which you want to cruise, and the cruise line selects a room for you in this category or higher. Normally, a cabin reservation will be allocated just before departure.

Learn more:What is a Guarantee Cabin on a Cruise (and is it worth booking)?

While choosing a warranty booth is often the best way to get a free upgrade, you have no control over where your booth is located; it could be anywhere on the ship! You may end up with a completely obstructed view, a room directly above the noisy theater, or a cabin back on the upper deck (not the best choice if you are seasick).

Or you could get lucky and pay for an in-house warranty, only to find that you've been upgraded to a spacious cabin with a balcony - you never know.

If you are picky about the location of your cabin, be careful and stay away from guaranteed cabins. There's always the risk of ending up in the worst cabin on a cruise ship! Instead, pay a little more and choose a cabin where you'll enjoy sailing.

What's your opinion on the worst cruise ship cabins? Which cabins do you avoid at all costs? Let me know in the comments below!

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The 10 worst cruise ship cabins to avoid (9)
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The 10 worst cruise ship cabins to avoid? ›

Midship staterooms on the lowest passenger deck are the most excellent spot to be on a cruise ship in this instance because you don't feel the vessel sway as much.

What is the best floor to stay on a cruise ship? ›

Midship staterooms on the lowest passenger deck are the most excellent spot to be on a cruise ship in this instance because you don't feel the vessel sway as much.

What is the safest room on a cruise ship? ›

Lower Decks

In addition to picking a midship stateroom, which are usually spread out across several levels, it's also a good idea to opt for one that's below the water level. This is because this part of the ship, its lowest and most central area, is the most stable during rough sea conditions.

What is the best cabin to choose on a cruise ship? ›

Suites: If you're looking for luxury on your cruise, suites offer the most space and best room locations, often with separate living and sleeping areas. They generally feature large balconies and extra amenities and perks. In other words, a suite can be considered the best cabin on any cruise ship.

Which cabin on a cruise ship is best to avoid seasickness? ›

To reduce motion sickness, choose a stateroom in the middle of the ship on a lower deck. You will feel any sway of the ship less in this section.

What deck of a cruise ship is most stable? ›

The most stable part of the ship is its lowest point of gravity, so on a lower deck, at the center. You'd feel a lot less motion here than, say, in a stateroom on the upper decks a long way forward or aft (towards the back of the ship).

Is it better to be in the front or back of the ship on a cruise? ›

The back of the ship tends to be considered the next best cabin position after midships. Whilst the front of the ship gets the most movement the back also does get some. Whilst it's nowhere near as bad as the front of the ship, you may still notice some movement in rough seas.

What is the most common crime on cruise ships? ›

Report Reveals Sexual Assault Is the Most Consistently Reported Crime On Board Major Cruise Lines A new report by Business Insider found 500 documented incidents of sexual assault from 2010 to 2022.

Where not to go on a cruise ship? ›

Avoid choosing a cabin above, below or nearby the cruise ship's theatre, bars, nightclub, buffet restaurant and Kids' Clubs. Thumping bass sounds or the squeal of excited children is not always the best soundtrack to a holiday.

Does it matter where you stay on a cruise ship? ›

In general, many cruisers prefer mid-ship room locations on a lower deck, especially if getting seasick is a major concern. Rooms that are located at the very front or very aft of the ship, and/or rooms on higher decks have a reputation of there being more noticeable movement.

Is it worth getting a balcony on a cruise ship? ›

Bottom line

But they can be worth the splurge if you're the kind of person who likes a private place to be outdoors during a vacation. No matter how crowded your ship is, you always can escape to your balcony, if you have one, and watch the world go by with few distractions.

Where is the noisiest part of a cruise ship? ›

Noisiest Staterooms
  • Next to Elevators/Stair Access Points.
  • Adjacent to Crew Access Areas.
  • Staterooms Above or Below Lounges/ Night Clubs.
  • Rooms Near the Pool Deck or Kid Zones.
  • Adjoining Staterooms.
  • Rooms to Avoid Near the Anchor.
  • Staterooms on the Lower Decks.
Feb 6, 2023

Where is the most comfortable place on a cruise ship? ›

The lower and more central you are in a ship, the less roll and sway you will feel. Even if you choose a balcony room, choose a low level and a room closest to the ship's center. The higher decks and cabins at the front (forward) or back (aft) of the ship will rock and roll the most.

What part of cruise ship is worst for motion sickness? ›

You'll likely want to steer clear of forward cabins. These are far and away the cruise rooms most affected by waves since they're the first to dip in rough seas. Even if you're on a lower deck, the forward of the ship might be the worst place to stay if you're prone to seasickness.

Is deck 1 on a cruise ship bad? ›

To recap, the simple answer to “is deck 1 on a cruise ship bad” is no, it's not. However, deck 1 is not for everyone. If you are prone to seasickness and want to be as close as possible to the water line to catch a glimpse of sea life, you may enjoy deck 1.

Which level of the cruise is the best? ›

The best cruise ship deck for many people is a lower deck because less movement will be felt there. However, for the best views, you should choose a higher deck. If you want to avoid taking the elevator, a mid-level deck would be best.

Is it better to be on a high floor on a cruise ship? ›

Cabins on the lower decks may have portholes or windows that offer a view of the water, while cabins on higher decks may have balconies with a better view. If having a good view is important to you, you may want to consider booking a cabin on a higher deck. It's also a good idea to think about the motion of the ship.

What floor do cruise ships skip? ›

Why do Cruise Ships Not Have a Deck 13? Many ships do not have a deck 13 due to superstition surrounding the number. These ships will simply skip from deck 12 straight to 14.


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