Top 10 GoPro Apps for all GoPro Camera users (2023)

Live video streaming has become very popular now and people from all over the world are enjoying the different types of live video. In addition, making film videos has become the profession of many people. And for shooting videos, the GoPro Actioncam is considered more practical. Basically, the GoPro camera is perfect for shooting live action and cinematic videos. This type of camera is affordable and therefore people are more and more interested in it. However, if you already have one or are planning to buy one, the list of the best GoPro apps can help you a lot.

Best GoPro Apps to Control and Edit GoPro Camera Videos

In fact, there aren't many GoPro apps available for iPhone and Android. In fact, most of those available cannot help you. But to be specific, there are some apps that you can use for specific GoPro camera features. So we brought them all together to create the list of recommendations. The resources next to the names listed will also help you choose the right name.

1. GoPro Quik: Video Editor

Top 10 GoPro Apps for all GoPro Camera users (1)Once you own a GoPro action camera, you'll love trying the official GoPro app, right? GoPro Quik is exactly the app I'm talking about. No other app works so seamlessly to control your camera and offers so many possibilities. By syncing with your GoPro camera, this app works perfectly. A few taps confirm the transfer of video files from the camera to the smartphone. Whether you are an Android or iOS user, this app is available to you for free. synchronized to the rhythm

important functions

  • This app has a beat synchronization system that allows you to add your music with the video captured by your GoPro camera.
  • A set of complete editing tools allows you to edit any video with this app.
  • Many free video frames are available here. You can really use any of them to customize your video.
  • Finally, you can change the ambient effect with many filters.
  • Sync with your GoPro camera, you can view this app for live streaming.

advantages:With this app, you can secure unlimited cloud storage backup for your GoPro action camera.

Opposites:Some users have trouble loading media on it.

Iphone Android

2. Unite - video editor and creator

Top 10 GoPro Apps for all GoPro Camera users (2)The next option is Splice, a video editor for GoPro. This powerful video editor has a default sync system with your action camera and offers various tools for video editing. You can easily share the video file from your GoPro camera to your smart device and do all the essential editing with it. This app is only offered for iOS users and iPad works best with it. However, this app also saves the raw and edited files of all the videos taken with your GoPro camera.

important functions

  • You can use all the essential tools here to crop, crop and adjust your video files captured by GoPro camera.
  • More than 6000 free songs are available in this app to use as music for video playback.
  • Finally, you can also adjust the playback speed and movement.
  • You can also add titles, slide descriptions, etc. with this GoPro editing software.Powerful subtitle creation toolAlso.
  • First of all, the free Chromekey option allows you to remove the messy background from videos shot with your GoPro camera.

advantages:You can share video files to almost all popular social networks right from this app after all the customizations are done. You can also upload video files directly to YouTube.

Opposites:Some users find it difficult to adjust the volume of feedback sound in this app.


3. ActionStudio - para videos GoPro

Top 10 GoPro Apps for all GoPro Camera users (3)If you plan to manage and edit your action camera footage on your iOS devices, especially your MacBook and iPad, focus here. ActionStudio is one of the best GoPro apps for iPhone with all kinds of video manipulation and editing features for GoPro cameras. You can also use this app to remotely control your action camera and drone cameras.

At the same time, you can use this app to make countless adjustments to the videos captured by these devices. Let's see more about this app.

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important functions

  • unusual tonsvideo editing toolsare available here to trim, crop and adjust the video file.
  • You can easily sync your GoPro camera to your device with this app.
  • There are actually eight different light and color controls that you can use to customize your video files.
  • This app supports all types of GoPro action camera high frame videos.
  • This amazing app also makes it easy to balance mixed video files to create a masterpiece.
  • You can also add music as a playback from iTunes.

advantages:This app allows you to import video files from various GoPro action cameras. You can use hundreds of filter options to customize your video files.


4. Power Director – Editor de video

Top 10 GoPro Apps for all GoPro Camera users (4)Let's look at a GoPro video editing app for Android, Power Director. Basically, it is a simple video editing tool that you can use on your Android for free. But hardly any other app has highly functional video editing tools specially designed for GoPro cameras and drones.

You no longer need a high-spec PC to edit videos taken with your action camera. Just transfer them to your Android and use this app to make any adjustments you need.

important functions

  • This app allows you to import and export 4K video files.
  • You can also use this app to fix shaky videos shot with an action camera.
  • With this app you can use spectacular double exposure effects to create your masterpiece.
  • You can easily adjust the brightness, exposure, saturation, and vignette.
  • It will really help you to add different types of music playback and adjust the playback speed.
  • Unnecessary ads will not bother you while using this app.

advantages:After doing all the settings, you can easily upload the video files to YouTube and Facebook right from this app. Also, now you can share these video files with your friends from here.

Opposites:You may encounter problems related to adjusting the audio of a video file with this application.


5. KineMaster – Editor de video

Top 10 GoPro Apps for all GoPro Camera users (5)If you like to edit GoPro videos on your Android smartphone, KineMaster is undoubtedly the best choice for this purpose. With this attractive app, you can edit almost all GoPro video files including HEVC files in the most convenient way. KineMaster can edit files of any recipe that a GoPro can generate. Selecting and combining video clips is also easy in this app.

Also, you can use it to add music or change the background sound of the existing one. There is also an online store here, which is always stocked with the latest models, music, and more.

important functions

  • You can easily export files in any video file format.
  • In fact, you can use over 2,500 images, stickers, effects, text, and more on your video. Apparently you can use it to create a complete professional video.
  • Equalizer presets and volume envelope tools are also available in this app.
  • The entire editing area is very useful. Finally, you have all your editing tools at your fingertips.
  • KineMaster also has robust color controls that can add life to your GoPro videos.

advantages:It features recoil, acceleration, slow motion and more to create unique visual effects. Also, you can use it to share your GoPro video on all platforms directly.

(Video) QUIK APP by GOPRO tutorial for beginners - Get the most out of your GoPro!

Opposites:Files cannot be downloaded directly from the GoPro camera.


6. Smooth Video Editing for GoPro

Top 10 GoPro Apps for all GoPro Camera users (6)If you are a full-time GoPro vlogger, you must have Myk Video Editing for GoPro installed on your phone. This app is available for Android and iPhone. Also, it is really a help for travelers who love to create travel vlogs. You can easily transfer videos to your smartphone quickly, and apparently the process is relatively quicker than any similar GoPro app.

Also, you can only edit your GoPro videos with your smartphone. This great app is also compatible with slightly older versions of Android or iOS.

important functions

  • The video editor is the best part of this app and it has all the essential features you need for professional video editing.
  • With this app, you can share raw or edited GoPro videos instantly. It's obviously an advantage when you're on the go.
  • You can easily control your GoPro through this amazing app.
  • The interface of this application is very easy to use and practical.
  • This GoPro editing software is a truly automatic way to add telemetry to your videos.

advantages:You can easily use this as a wireless audio source while shooting with GoPro. First, it outputs pro-level audio from your videos, and you can export HEVC files over it.

Opposites:You can only use it to control HERO3*, HERO4, HERO5, HERO6 and HERO7 or later versions.

Iphone Android

7. LIVE4 GoPro

Top 10 GoPro Apps for all GoPro Camera users (7)This app is highly recommended if you go live frequently. LIVE4 GoPro offers screen mirroring without buffering of what the camera lens sees, and you only need to tap once to start your live stream. It is also impressive that it allows you to stream to at least thirty different platforms. You can also read live commentary while streaming live on your GoPro.

Also, it has a minimalist and attractive visual interface that makes streaming more convenient and hassle-free. Signing in or logging into social accounts is also easy with this app.

important functions

  • Your live view shows you the exact stream your viewers are watching. This feature apparently makes it easy for you to know when to reposition or refocus your GoPro.
  • Almost all "GoPro Hero" cameras are compatible with it.
  • With this app you can change the streaming privacy to public, friends or even just me.
  • Video is buffered when cellular connection is lost and starts automatically when connection is re-established. Thus, the public will not miss a frame of the broadcast.
  • It also saves your video stream for future use.

advantages:This amazing app works even when the screen is locked. Also, the video quality will automatically adjust according to your phone's internet speed.

Iphone Android

8. Bluetooth Remote Control for GoPro® Cameras

Top 10 GoPro Apps for all GoPro Camera users (8)If you use more than one GoPro camera when taking photos, the Bluetooth Remote for GoPro® Cameras is definitely a valuable tool for you. It is a remote app that can connect to multiple GoPro cameras at the same time. You can easily position your GroPro camera and control most settings with just one smartphone.

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The best thing about this app is that it runs on older Apple and Android phones and is compatible with most GoPro camera series. Furthermore, you can also use it to create or edit gifts of some new GroPro cameras.

important functions

  • Adding cameras and syncing them with this app is easy. Finally, all you have to do is tap on the "+" button to add another camera.
  • First of all, it uses Bluetooth technology and consumes less battery than the phone.
  • This powerful app can show live preview in full screen mode. This feature is apparently mostly useful for self-introduction style shots.
  • You can quickly view the status of the camera in this application.
  • This app does not require an internet connection to work.
  • It also offers a "find camera" function with fairly loud beeps.

advantages:The keys are of moderate size and you can play them efficiently. Also, you can use it to mark moments.

Opposites:Sometimes it can be hard to recognize your GoPro.

Iphone Android

9. MultiPro: Remote control via Bluetooth GoPro ProTune

Top 10 GoPro Apps for all GoPro Camera users (9)Booman Media's MultiPro is one of the lightest GoPro remote apps that can help you a lot. This little app for your GoPro camera can make your recording sessions more convenient. This allows you to place your GoPro in an inaccessible location and also record video. It also has tools for automatic wildlife recording and video capture.

You can also connect and control multiple cameras at the same time. This "straight to the point" app gives you the features you need to manage your GoPro cameras.

important functions

  • Initially, it consumes less power from your phone and GoPro(s) because it uses Bluetooth to connect.
  • You can change all the basic GoPro settings like resolution, shutter speed, FPS, etc. directly from there.
  • The response of the remote system is fast. Apparently the GoPro can start/stop recording as soon as you press it.
  • Since it is a minimal app, it does not put too much pressure on your smartphone.
  • Using FPV is also supported by this powerful app. First, you can adjust the sharpness, color profile, etc. while using the GoPro on a drone.

advantages:Save your settings as presets to apply different settings to all your cameras. You can also change the file name.

Opposites:It cannot show a live preview of the recording like other similar GoPro apps.


10. Media Commander for GoPro

Top 10 GoPro Apps for all GoPro Camera users (10)Are you looking for a media center app for your GoPro? Then you should try Shift QA Devs' Media Commander for GoPro and it's the final recommendation today. This powerful app also works as a remote media center for your GoPro action camera. All you have to do is connect your GoPro to this app and you will see all your GoPro media on your phone.

It also connects to your GoPro via a strong Wi-Fi connection and lets you play video without buffering. Also, the user interface is practical and looks very neat.

important functions

(Video) 11 Mistakes EVERY GoPro Beginner Makes

  • It simply offers full screen video playback with a standard video player.
  • There is a video playback function with low video resolution. Apparently, it's a great backup in case you have a weak Wi-Fi connection.
  • This GoPro editing software runs smoothly on almost all HEVC compatible Androids.
  • No internet connection is required to use this app.
  • You can also download videos and photos from your GoPro and finally it has a very good download speed.

advantages:First of all, you can use it to delete media files from your GoPro. It is also relatively smaller and puts less strain on the device's RAM.

Opposites:There is no search engine available in the app.


Frequent questions

WHEN:What are the best free GoPro apps?

A:Quik and Splice are the best free GoPro apps for iPhone and Android. GoPro Quik is available for Android and iPhone. But Splice is only available for iPhone users, and Android users can also use PowerDirector as an alternative to Splice.

Almost all of these apps are free, but you can purchase their premium subscription if you want to enjoy more premium features.However, GoPro Quik allows you to control your camera while editing the video it captures.

LIVE4 is another slick app that allows you to easily control your GoPro camera from your smartphone. But to edit GoPro videos, you should try Splice or PowerDirector. There are also many good apps for the same purposes, like KineMaster, iMovie, etc.

WHEN:What is the best app to control GoPro camera?

A:GoPro Quik, LIVE4 and ActionStudio are the best apps to control GoPro camera from your smartphone. Basically, GoPro Quick is the official GoPro app for GoPro video editing and camera control. But LIVE4 and ActionStudio can also do this. Both apps offer a better sync option for GoPro and allow you to use different features for it.

WHEN:What is the best GoPro camera video editing app?

A:Splice and Power Director are the best apps for editing video files shot with a Gopro camera. Splice is only available for iOS users, while you can use Power Director on your Android devices.

All these GoPro editing software offers a handy set of video editing tools to edit any video file. Also, you can use almost any of your favorite video editing apps to edit GoPro camera videos. But you just need to transfer the file from the camera to your smartphone.

WHEN:Is there an official GoPro app?

A:Yes, GoPro has an official app called GoPro Quik. It is available for Android and iPhone and is also free. You can easily use this app to share video files recorded by GoPro camera, edit the video file and control your GoPro camera.

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WHEN:What is the best Quik alternative?

A:iMovie is the best Quik alternative for iPhone. But if you're looking for an Android alternative to Quik, give Media Commander for GoPro a try. Both apps are good for editing videos and controlling your action camera with just your smartphone.

finally information

From now on, most of the problems while using a GoPro action camera will no longer bother you. Just make sure you use the GoPro app that works best for your device. If you want to use multiple features, you should try two or more apps from the above list. However, you can share our content with people you know who also have a GoPro Hero camera. Plus, you can share your feedback on the content to make sure you're with us. Thank you very much for your support.


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