What do the 3 dots (...) mean when sending an SMS? (Use and examples) (2023)

Copywriting has become an integral part of the way we communicate today. But for all its popularity, there are still some aspects of texting that can be confusing. While many of us have become experts at deciphering text abbreviations and emojis, there's one symbol that still puzzles us and that's the three dots (...). What does three dots mean in text messages? Let's take a closer look and explore the various uses and examples of this mysterious punctuation mark.

Point three has become an increasingly common way of communicating in text conversations. Have you ever chatted with a friend and noticed they use this hashtag? These three dots can mean many different things, from a simple pause to something more meaningful. So read on to learn more about this special symbol!

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1What do 3 dots (...) mean?

2What do the 3 dots (...) in SMS mean?

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2.1 What does the 3 dots mean (...) in a girl's text messages?

2.2 What do the 3 dots (...) mean in iMessage?

3What do the 3 dots mean (...) in social networks?

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What do 3 dots (...) mean?

The ellipse (or restraint in the plural) is perhaps a three-dot punctuation mark (...) that indicates silence, omits lines, or implies that some information has been omitted. The ellipsis, and even more colloquially "dot, dot, dot", is a popular tactic by authors as it can represent a pause in writing while being used in a very pragmatic way to indicate that an accurate citation has been made to the audience to let you know that the authentic phrase has just been updated.

What do the 3 dots (...) mean when sending an SMS? (Use and examples) (1)

Used correctly, ellipses can add a lot of power and authority to your work. In English, the sequence of three dots or dots after a statement or phrase is called an ellipse. However, in the context of software menus or computer applications, the three vertical dots are known as the "kebab menu". Also, when the three dots are aligned horizontally, this is referred to as a "meatball menu."

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What do the 3 dots (...) in SMS mean?

It is not necessarily the case that all communities use the same interpretation for the three dots (...) in any type of message. Depending on the context, it could mean "to be continued" or even a punctuation mark since there wasn't enough room on the page. An ellipse is represented by three dots during a text conversation. You can usually find them at the end of statements, although you can use them anywhere you use a colon.

The three dots (or ellipses), the universal symbol for silence in texting, can symbolize a variety of concepts. This right; If a person just sends you three dots, it means they are speechless or probably angry at you for doing or saying something that baffled them. The lack of an answer could be a sign of disbelief or a rebuke for anything you said.

Ellipses with three dots indicate a content gap. Ellipses (or the letters "dot dot dot") are a way of saying "aaah, that really sucks" when throwing something terrible into the equation. The debate is ongoing, but now is the right time to act.

What does 3 dots mean (...) in text messages from a girl?

Have you ever texted a girl and got totally confused by her three dots (...)? Do you know those three dots that come at the end of a sentence or thought? Figuring out the meaning behind them can be confusing and can cause a lot of unnecessary stress in a relationship.

You may have heard of the phrase "three dots," known as an omission, which is a common punctuation mark used in text-based communication. It is used to indicate that the author has more to say but has chosen to leave it out. In addition, it can also serve as an invitation to the reader to fill in the missing information and start a dialogue with the author.

So what does it mean when a girl sends three dots in a text message? The most common meaning behind a girl's three dots is that she's waiting for you to answer. He probably expects you to keep tabs on the conversation and take the initiative to continue it. It could also mean that she is waiting for you to answer a question or provide more information.

In some cases, a girl's three dots may mean that she would indicate that she would like to talk more but is too shy to ask. It could also be a sign that she is interested in being intimate with you. However, if you're curious about his intentions, it's best to ask him directly.

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It is also important to note that three dots can also mean something completely different. It might just be a way for her to politely end the conversation. If she's not interested in continuing to talk, she's probably using three dots as a sign that she's done talking.

Ultimately, three dots can mean many different things, but the best way to find out what defines it is to ask the girl face to face. Taking the initiative to start a conversation shows him that you are interested in understanding his intentions and that you care about the relationship.

What does 3 dots (...) mean in iMessage?

if you have already used itApples iMessage-App, you are familiar with the "handwriting recognition screen", i. H. the three dots that appear on your smartphone so you can see when the second person in the queue is typing a comment or text message.

When a person texts, the bubble doesn't always burst and may not go away when you're done. However, there are more nuances on the topic than that. For example, if you have not sent an SMS to the sender for a long time, the speech bubble will not appear. This is perfectly reasonable as you probably won't read the message feed of someone who hasn't contacted you in a while, if at all.

What do the 3 dots (...) mean when sending an SMS? (Use and examples) (2)

However, once a chat bubble starts, it can be difficult to stop the flow of text, even if the user stops texting. The bubble usually remains if you start typing but decide not to stream the content (or delete what you've written). It seems that you are writing even though you have just started composing a message that you are not going to deliver.

After 1 minute of SMS, the signal will disappear automatically. The three dots keep moving on the other person's screen even if you stop typing, close iMessage, or lock your phone. Also, if you return to that message and start typing again, the balloon won't appear on the opposite screen.

What do the 3 dots mean (...) in social networks?

If you've ever used social networks or apps like WhatsApp, Twitter, Reddit, etc., you're probably familiar with the three dots (...) that sometimes appear in posts and messages. You may be confused about its meaning and purpose.

The three dots have many different meanings on social media platforms depending on the context in which they are used. They can be used to indicate a pause in speech, build suspense, or prompt another participant to continue the discussion.

The standard meaning of the "three dots" is that the user is now typing an answer. You can do this to let the other person know that you're still thinking about your answer and to give them a breather while they do so.

When used subtly, the three dots can indicate that a person is thinking about their next words or answers. This can be done out of deference, or because the speaker wants to think about their answer carefully rather than just blurting it out.

The three dots can also indicate the use of tension or excitement. For example, when sharing a photo or video, you can build anticipation by hiding the content behind the three dots.

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The three dots can also indicate waiting for a response from the other party. This can be interpreted as a request for the other person to continue the conversation by replying or adding to what has already been said.

In short, the meaning of the three dots on social media platforms varies greatly depending on the specific situation in which they are used. In addition to signaling that you are writing a reply, showing respect, building suspense, or inviting further dialogue, ellipsis can be used in other ways.

Other meanings of 3 points (...)

  • 3 points (…) -impatience
  • 3 points (…) -inconvenience
  • 3 points (…) -Frustration

Examples of 3 point text jargon (…)

example 1

Emma-I don't understand; Are you mad at me now, Harry?

Which -

Example: 2

Kane-I apologize for not being able to arrange an airport transfer for you last night.



André-Is it possible to postpone our meeting? Tonight is the big night of my soccer game.

Monika -

Some other examples:

(Video) What does Three 3 Dots Mean on Kik APP & Letter D S R Red Exclamation Point Symbol Iphone Android

  • "We will be traveling abroad this holiday and will be back at work on Monday... The graduation ceremony will take place at the start of the summer season, so you are cordially invited to attend."
  • "The Lannisters are confident that nothing bad will ever happen to them... but bad things always happen."
  • "Regardless of the risks, we are confident of success, but..."
  • "We are in the midst of a major armed conflict that is challenging the resilience of this country."
  • "In the name of God, our Founding Fathers, and all the citizens of this land, we residents now make and proclaim...this Constitution for the United States of America."

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In general, it is clear that the three dots (...) in text messages can have several meanings depending on the context of the conversation. It could indicate an unfinished thought, a pause, a deliberate pause, or even an invitation to break off or continue communicating. You can also create tension in a discussion or have the other person make up an answer. Regardless of the circumstances, the three dots can be a powerful way to express yourself and keep conversations sharp and uncertain.


What do 3 dots mean in a text message? ›

They signal either that something has been omitted from quoted text, or that a speaker or writer has paused or trailed off in speech or thought. That's the basics.

What do dots mean in a text? ›

Those little dots often found in a sentence or quote are called an ellipsis. The term ellipsis comes from the Greek word meaning 'omission,' and that's just what it does: an ellipsis shows that something has been left out.

What are the 3 dots on Android? ›

The three dots at the top right of the screen shown when you have an app open on older Android phones is the menu button.

What does dots mean in a reply? ›

To show time passing without anything being said they put in dots. If I send you a single dot in an SMS or chat it means, I'm here. I'm reading.

What do three ellipses mean? ›

An ellipsis ( ... ) consists of three evenly spaced periods and is used to indicate the omission of words or suggest an incomplete thought. In general, an ellipsis should be treated as a three-letter word, with a space, three periods and a space. (Western Michigan University is ...

What is an example of an ellipsis? ›

In linguistics, ellipsis means leaving out words rather than repeating them unnecessarily; for example, saying `I want to go but I can't' instead of `I want to go but I can't go. '


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